Alcohol in Food

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Thanks Omega....
I never eat or cook chicken
no personal tips from me.

Actually....I rarely cook anymore
I find snacking suits me quite well

For our SR gourmet cooks....

Substitutes for Alcohol in Cooking - GourmetSleuth

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Originally Posted by CarolD View Post
I don't delibertly eat food with alcohol.
Why would I? I'm a non drinker.

You might find these facts interesting....

When I watch the Food Network and some cooks pour
wine into a dish.....saying...."It's burns off" I cringe.
Carol, do you have a link for where you got those figures?
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Originally Posted by NEJeeper View Post
I had no idea there was alcohol in it. I noticed when I tasted it, but it was only in a small amount of the desert.I have suffered no ill effects and I do not have a desire to drink, nor did I at the time of consumption.

I will not go out of my way to order foods with alcohol, but if something like this happens again I think it won't bother me too much. That being said for at least the next 90 days to a year I won't be having tiramasu.
dont beat yourself up about it, you did nothing wrong, and you had no desire to drink afterwards so no harm done, i wish you well
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Personally I avoid "anything" with alcohol! Now a days most wait staff ask if you have any allergies,...right? (if they don't they should be)
So I always say I'm allergic to alcohol.
For me I take no chances.
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I had some beer-battered fish this past Friday. Didn't bother me whatsoever.
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i avoid it like my life depends on it......because it does.

theres not alot i dont long as its dead and without booze its going on my plate.

to be frank id rather have my legs waxed that have that sh@t anywhere near my mouth.
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