Life On Lifes Terms...

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Life On Lifes Terms...

as long as I play my part and stay sober every day and make sure that my recovery from alcoholism remains my number1 priority then things will all slot in to place slowly but surely. I have faith that this will be the case and my faith is in the "Good Orderly Direction" that I know that I have and feel inside of me.

Removing my own self will and handing it over to my Good Orderly Direction allows me to remove my own ego out of the equation and thus stay sober and gratefull and happy that I know that I will be rewaded for me staying sober and making sure everything I do in my life is carefully moulded around this priority. Without my sobriety I would very quickly have absolutely nothing and would be back to that utterly hoplessly feeling of living for the next Binge. I truly think drinking would kill me much quicker after sobriety than if I had never got sober... I truly do recoil as if from a hot flame when I am put near an alcoholic drink. I want nothing to do with that poison and I truly do not want to put any mind-altering chemical in my system... I don't think I could cope with it and it would be horrible. I know however that I would never be able to leave it at just one drink and would not be able to stop untill total, utter obliteration. I know I am truly alcoholic as thoughts I have about booze are not like most people. When I think of booze I think of it in terms of days not drinks!! LOL!.

I am growing in confidence as time goes on and my self-esteem is gradually growing too. I am not gonna rush any relationship though and impose my own self-will on anything though because everything that happens will be meant to be and I look forward to how my life may unfold, as without the booze it will be in a good, positive direction. For that I have no doubt.

Thanks SR for letting me post and I think 'Life on Life terms' is an invaluable way of living for a recovering alcoholic, as it removes all of that self-will and ego that kept us drinking and putting the world to rights and swearing about all thats wrong with the world and how we F*cked up, instead of letting things just be and living in the solutions and not in our problems

Peace and love xxx
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It sounds like you're doing well, Neo!
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That's a lovely, sober message for a Saturday night. Thanks
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Yes i have to agree what will be will be... one road the disaster ridden tried an tested
crashcourse of Alcoholism.. The other one of relative peace and calm, with matters in
control and relative happiness,Ahhhhh. relative newbie gettin the taste of sobriety,
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It has been a pleasure to read of your progress, Neo! Nice job!

Getting a taste of solid so much better than the taste of alcohol ever was.
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