Hello everyone,I'm Diana

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Post Hello everyone,I'm Diana

Hi' everyone! My story isn't that complicated actually. I began drinking alcohol at about 13 almost 14 years old.My parents divorced,that was a huge pain in hole,lol... people just don't realize how divorce hurts kids so they should take major steps to prepare them if they have to divorce. Divorce hurts,there is no doubt about it,at least it hurt me & my sister & brothers and thats what I go by.
I married at 17 almost 2 months shy of 18. Had some children & had gotten more heavily involved with drinking alcohol.My life was spiralling out of control & my family hated my addiction,only I thought they had a problem,not me & I thought no one understood me or how I felt,& I began to believe everyone & their dog was against me. I decided that there must be a God.From what I could clearly tell all around me,nature & so forth,there had to be a God & I was baptised as a teen & believed in God,so I began to attend church meetings & had many conversations with christians.I read my whole bible & I felt alot of great changes but I still had my drinking problem though I hid it pretty well for the most part. Finally I couldn't deal with it anymore I had to do something so I was sicker than a dog begging God to help me! I was tired of the alcohol.That night God swept in & helped me.Why? This time I fully surrendered!!! God knows the difference,trust me!We may not,but he does.God took the desire for alcohol out of my heart & I didn't drink anymore until I went thru a horrific physical trauma & my marriage was over!
By 2005 I relapsed! This went on to cause all kinds of problems for me,& I also got my first DWI. I'm surprized it was my first but other times when I was arrested,I hadn't been driving,lol,funny now,but wasn't then! I have been clean & sober for almost 11 months now. God helps me,but I cannot say what others should do or what they should believe.
I know I will always have to watch my back but I feel free finally & I am serious about never relapsing again. Watch out for binge drinking,it can kill you because of toxic amounts of alcohol. I almost didn't make it at least 2 times that I'm aware of so please do your very best to stay sober if you can ok everyone! The tears & the pain I do understand but with your friends & support,you'll make it one day at a time ok?

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Welcome to SR Diana
Thanks for sharing your story

Good to have you here!
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Glad you found us....many of us are also winning over alcohol.
Congratulations on your sobriety
Welcome to our recovery comunity....
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Welcome, and congrats on your sober time! You'll find a lot of support and great people here.
Thank you for sharing some of your story, and you are right about the binge drinking being very dangerous. I am a former binge drinker and some of the amounts I had i my system could well have been life-theratening. I am sober for 7.5 months now, and since than there has not been a signle day that I had regrets that I didn't drink
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Welcome to SR! I'm glad you joined the family!
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Thankyou everyone! The support is a very good thing!
It's great to meet all of you & congrats on all your recovery &
sober time.I know your struggle & it's a great one to over come
but we can be here for one another.We all know what it's like
so there is no shame,no blame only love & support and that is
a great blessing for us all.
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Welcome and thanks for sharing.
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