Hi im new

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Hi im new

Well heres a little of my story i used to drink about three times a week. I tore my asophagus was throughing up blood and ive stopped everything since, I dont use tobacco or even drink pop. Ive been working out about five times a week. I feel great but socially withdrawn ive been sober for a month and want to stay that way.
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Welcome! Glad you are here. You will find lots of support here at SR!
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Hi rlube

Congrats on your month. Welcome to SR
You find a lot of support here, and ideas on face to face support too.
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Welcome to SR rlube.
Congratulations on making it for the first month. I found that to be the toughest.
I think I may have damaged my asophagus too but I wasn't smart enough to quit then.
Hoping you have continued success.
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Hi and Welcome.....
I can relate.

I had esophogeal (sp?) varices ..required 3 transfusions
5 days in hospital and came close to dying.

I did return to drinking a few months later....the only change I
had made was quitting. alcohol. I needed more to stay topped.

All my social circle were excessive drinkers....I made a
living surrounded by alcohol....thus drastic changes
uncomfortable and frightening were indicated.

I took an office job...less money less stress

I told my friends I was attending apartment
was now a no drinking zone....most drifted away.

I found a new group of friends in AA meetings
who shared my goals and new lifestyle.
We did all sorts of things outside of meetings
had a blast....and together ...we stayed sober.......

Glad you are here with us....well done on your early sobriety.
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Hi and welcome
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Welcome to SR and congrats on your sober time. I hope you stay with us and find the support you need.
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Hi rlube! This is a great place for support & friendship. I wasn't able to get well until I found SR. I felt all alone with my struggle. Meeting people who knew exactly what I was going through made all the difference.

Congratulations on your new life. I hope you stay with us and share more of your story.
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Congrats on your 1 month, thats some good stuff, keep it up!
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Welcome to SR and a big congratulations on your one month sober. That really is great!! I am glad you joined this community. You will find a lot of great support here and if you EVER need help or have a question, post away!!
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