Six Months

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Six Months

Made it. Felt an impulse to go to the booz isle last night while grocery shopping (first craving in a long time). Checked the calander; six months to the day today. Life gets better and I've come to realize that perfection doesn't exist, but striving for it and settling for excellence is what it's all about. Without having participated here I know that my chances of being where I am now would be much less. Thanks to all who make this site work.
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Congrats on 6 months of sobriety EW!

There isn't a grocery store in Phoenix that's worth throwing your recovery away

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Yes, congrats EW! I found that I almost relapsed at my 6 months, and so now, every time I get near a birthday, I put my recovery into over-drive (going to lots of meetings, posting, speaking at meetings, helping other alcoholics, etc.).

Great job! We are all proud of you.
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Congrats on your 6 months EW

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Congratulations, a big milestone.
Keep doing what you are doing.
PS: right behind you, after a small relapse, after having oner 5 years sober.
Stay strong.
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Congratulations, EW!!!! On six months and on handling that craving (and I'm sure others). Sure wish the grocery store wouldn't put the wine RIGHT UP FRONT (grrr....) I'm really happy for you!
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Good for you!

And, it's great that you recognize this is an ongoing journey!
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Congrats on making six months sober!
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Congratulations on your 6 months!
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well done!!! i love to hear this stuff... gives me hope

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Thanks everyone... Re: Sneezy's observation... I am guilty of picking up an occasional Rock Star on the way to checkout as an impulse buy..
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Congrats on the 6 months...
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Hugs and prayers!

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Congratulations on 6 months & for not giving into temptation in the liquor aisle. I hate that alcohol is sold in the grocery; diapers, milk, toilet paper, tequila . . .

God Bless,
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I think that everyone needs a little 6 months is great!
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Recognizing that a craving isn't something you MUST give into, is huge, in my book. Glad you are doing so well.
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Congratulations. You have good reason to feel great.

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