Alcoholic Retread Gives It Another Go

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Alcoholic Retread Gives It Another Go

Hi everyone,
I'm new to recovery...."Again".I have about 6 weeks sober,and have much work ahead of me.I guess you would refer to me as an A.A. retread.I have been in,and out since 1992.There have been good strides in my recovery in the past,but I see where I ran a half-assed program,and wasn't really honest,and refused to look at the darker side of this disease.

Well now I'm ready!It's painful,as I've damaged most areas of my life,and those closest to me,and am trying my best to right those wrongs...."I have more baggage than Samsonite"I tend to isolate,and try to figure it out myself.My history proves that this doesn't work,so I am glad to have found S.R. It is hard for me to reach out,and pretty hard to get to meetings,due to a suspended license for DUI etc.etc.etc.This happened after a job layoff in 2008.I still haven't found another,and my unemployment is going to run out very soon.So the resulting stress is not good at all.

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Welcome to SR-- recovery is a tough road but it is so worth it and you don't have to go it alone.
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You'll find a lot of very caring and compassionate people here..

and congrats on 6 weeks sober! Just think of how good it will feel to say 52 weeks.
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Welcome to SR! Good job on your six weeks sober. That's a great start to a better simpler life. :ghug3
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Welcome to SR SoberSwede

One of the most important things I learned was never give up hope
Good to have you with us!

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Glad you're back in recovery Swede, and happy you've joined the family here. It took me a long time to understand what "half-measures availed us nothing" meant. Now I'm here to stay, and it's worth it.
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Hi and Welcome!

Congratulations on 6 weeks sober, and you will find a lot of support here.
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welcome to sr..
i did my half measure stint..
until it got unbearable.. and not only for me.

keep posting.
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Thanks,everyone for the kind words,and support.I guess that all the bad,that this disease has brought forth,has been a painful way of bringing me to this point.What I want more than anything is to get life straightened out so I can in turn help others overcome.
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Stay focused on your recovery Swede, there'll be plenty of time later on for helping other alcoholics achieve sobriety. We suffer to get well, the pain is just part of the journey.
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Hi and welcome. The important thing is that you are ready now to work it properly.
Keep in touch....this is a great site.
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1SS: Welcome To SR.. Glad You Are With Us! Enjoy!
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