30 days for the chronic relapser!

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30 days for the chronic relapser!

Today marks 30 days since my last drink. I'm 50 years old and have been an every day drinker, a binger and just a plain drunk.
This is as long as I've made it in 5 years. I have friends in AA, and I'm perfectly willing to try it. I did it all on my own this time.

This place has been a life saver to me. I read just about every post, and can understand why newcomers are so important. And the folks with some long time sobriety are of such wisdom. I want to thank you all.

I'm not beating my own drum here, this is a big thank you to YOU. I understand the difficulties in trying to quit. I know I'll never "have it made" .
I feel I'll drink again without AA. I don't get around so good any more, but there are meetings close by. As soon as I get up the nerve, that is. I'm very introverted so it's a little difficult for me. I hope to overcome that, get of my arse and go.
I'll also be here reading. If you feel alone in your problem with drink; you're not alone. I'm right there with you, and the kind people on these boards, if I may speak for them, are too.

Thank you all again. And, look out world! I'm no longer in the process of either procuring, imbibing or recovering. That was my life 30 days ago and for many years before that.

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Hi Ghost, thanks for sharing. I'm glad you are sticking with AA ......and well done on staying sober.
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Congrats on making thirty days sober! I hope you can continue to find support here as well as be able to get to a meeting if you want AA support in your sobriety. Thank you for sharing your positive message. For a newcomer on this site, messages of hope such as yours can be a lifesaver.

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Originally Posted by Ghostlight View Post
I'm not beating my own drum here,
I will beat it for you. That is fantastic and your lovely post made me smile big time, thank-you. Warmest Wishes Ev.
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Good for you on 30 days!! I'm a very introverted person as well, but funny thing I found I was able to open up in AA meetings in ways I never thought possible, because so many of them were just like me, and so many were "so much worse off" than me. Give it a try you may surprise yourself.
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Wonderful news Ghost!!! Congratulations!! I am so happy for you!!

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Thumbs up

Well, done, I love talking about drinking in 'the past' tense don't you?! Keep Up Keeping on
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Congratulations! Keep it up!
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I'm so very pleased to see your good news...
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Thank you for visiting my journal and congratulations on your 30+ days of sobriety! I'm beginning day two -- one day at a time. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Good for you Ghostlight and isn't it nice we don't have to waste all our energy on procuring, imbibing or struggling to control it? Life is so much better. Thank you posting and congratulations on your 30 days sober.
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Congratulations Ghost, thats a Huge acheivement... Ive only done 15 straight days in ten
years, so imagine the joy at getting so far... Im only on my 5th day down with a flu bug
sure its something related to detoxing.. But when i get to were ure at will crack open a
bottle of errrhh Perrier with a lime twist... truly good on ya
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Thank you all for your replies, it means a lot to me. I'm slowly losing my fear of people, places and things.
I'm actual saying 'heelo' to people I pass on the street. Who knew that strangers were so nice while not overcome with fear and anxiety and walking with my head down, ashamed of myself.
I hope you feel better soon, dasha. Good time to sober up, no?

Thank you all again, I couldn't have done it without the selfless support here. I think I'm day 36! Woo!
I know I'l always be an alcoholic, but abstinence is sure working for me.

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Does the recovery dance of happiness... right on 30 days thats a great milestone , Keep up the great work... ~ huggles Endzy ~
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Here ya go, I'm tooting my horn for you! My Sobriety Date is also on the 25th of a month, July 25, 2005 so every time the 25th rolls around, I toot my horn, beat my drum, do a happy dance, etc, why? Because I'm proud of myself and you should be very proud of yourself too! And don't think it's not proper to share this and celebrate. There's a big difference between sharing something positive like this and bragging about something trivial.

I love what you said about walking down the street and saying hello to strangers instead of hanging your head in shame. It took me back to my first two years in Recovery. I don't have a car so I rode the bus system then, which was based out of downtown. I was usually on Cloud 9, regardless of any problems that were going on in my life. I knew that God would help me get through them. I had a bounce in my step and always had a smile on my face and shared a hello with many people. One morning this man who obviously worked downtown came up and said to me,"Are you really that happy? Everytime I see you, you're smiling and wishing someone a good day." I could merely smile, say thank you and tell him, "Yes, I am that happy. " If people only knew just how miserable I was when I was drinking and drugging they would know why I smile all the time now. . . regardless of what's going on in my life. The expression Happy, Joyous & Free sure does apply, doesn't it?

Wishing you many, many, many more 30 days!

God Bless,
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I'm not an AAer, but wish the best for you! Keep up the good worK!
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