Thanks...still sober and working it...

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Thanks...still sober and working it...

I think of this forum almost everyday. I came here in the beginning. Those first two weeks were awful but the support and great advice from SR kept me from picking up. Eventually the gentle nudges from friends here led me to the rooms. That is where I have been. I am so glad I took your advice and went...I'll never forget that first meeting but I was told it was safe and would help. You were right. I feel great! Well most days. Still have those moments but not as often, not as much. I have a group. I have a sponsor. Working through the first step. Glad I found SR and listened to the words of those here and went to AA. AA has for the past 70 days made such a positive impact in my life. I feel so free, I feel like such an important part of the beautiful life which is all mine for as long as I stick with the program and stay sober. Not to much to ask when the benefits are so great. I have such gratitude for this forum and especially those here who took the time to write and support me and lead me to AA. THANK YOU!

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Thanks for the update dojoro

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Great post, Dojoro!
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That's awesome, Jo ~

Gratitude and giving back in recovery are so fulfilling. It was great to hear that in you.

Way to go on 70 days!

You're right too - it keeps getting better when you're working a good program and have a solid support foundation.

Good for you,

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Hi Jo

Wow thats so cool, i am really happy for you! Please do keep posting and updating us all on your progress, particularly with regards to the would be great for others to hear about you starting at the first and working your way through...

AA has been a God send for me, i always used to get through the firrst 2 weeks of sheer hell before, start feeling better and then think yeah great now what?!

Nice one

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Congratulations on 70 days and working the Steps. Life is only going to get better for you now.

I love your avatar, btw. It's made me cry this morning. It looks just like my dog who passed away about a year ago. I think I was meant to remember him today. Thanks.
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