Fell off the Wagon....

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Unhappy Fell off the Wagon....

Past couple of weeks have been really hard. Fighting with the girl friend and eventually breaking up. I lost it. Fell off hard... Im back. This is day 1...
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Day one is good. Year one is good. Days and years are merely measures but all measures of sobriety are good.

Our experiences often feel unique (and painful) but more often than not we're not beautiful and unique snowflakes - just dime per gross, mass-produced duplicates. Don't let this affect you negatively - let this help you draw insight and reassurance from others like you.
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The only good thing about the wagon is that it circles the individual going round and round and round, you can jump on and off as many times as you like...i did this for years and sucks!

I went to AA and got some help:-)
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The only good thing about the wagon is that it circles the individual going round and round and round, you can jump on and off as many times as you like... that visual!!

At least you are back PPanther. That's what counts. Sorry about your girlfriend, but take care of you. Hugs.
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I understand but you can't let affect you like this I did the same thing over my girlfriend.
Share the pain with others it's the only way,it's hard I know girls are one of the biggest reason why we go out,now what are you going to do about it?
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Welcome back PP

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I'm glad you're trying again. Sobriety is worth it.
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Just jump back on... and stay close to people who understand...
Talk and dont whatever you do isolate...
Congrats on Day 1
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Glad you are back on the wagon so soon PP.
Breakups are hard and ir often takes people longer to start again.
Good luck on the vontinuation of your quest.
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