Crazy trying to figure it out

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Crazy trying to figure it out

My husband is a recovering alcoholic/addict for almost 9 months. Most of the time he is wonderful and I 100% sure he is not using. About once or twice every 2-3 weeks he appears to be intoxicated or high. These episodes only last about an hour. He swears that he is not doing anything. When these episodes occur I do not smell the alcohol smell that I use to smell when he was drinking but sometimes I do detect a smell between alcohol and nail polish remover. His blood sugar has been checked and is fine, he has also have liver panels done and the indicator of alcohol use was not elevated. He complains of occassional dizziness, tierdness, and not being able to sleep. He does admit small occassional memory issues, but says it is nothing like when he was using. He says there are times that he feels like he is drunk from alcohol but still denies using. He is randomly drug tested and alcohol tested at his work, 3 times in 6 mo and has passed all test. I am about to worry myself sick and so are our 16 and 11 yr old daughters. I am so desparate to know if anyone else has experienced these issues.
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I'm not sure if this is bad advice or good. But, I tend to ask myself "How important is it really"? -- That I know? and know NOW. If my husband uses now and then, the proverbial **** will eventually hit the fan. Obsessing over it just makes it a wee bit too important for the present. I get over the episodes by just living life. I've got this life to live with friends, family, kids and opportunities. Stay out of my way.

We ride this merry-go-round about every six months. Ultimately I think it's something else.
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I wonder if you have considered seeking support for yourself at AlAnon?

Hopefully your husband will get checked out by his dr, if he has concerns about his health.
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