HA HA HA!! My life this month has been UNREAL!

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HA HA HA!! My life this month has been UNREAL!

As some of you "old folks" may have noticed, I tend to back away from this site when my life is completely out of whack. It really has been this month and as much as a good vent would have helped.......... *sigh* I really didn't want to get into it because it's been so much.

My roommate bailed on me, left me high and dry with all the bills. The rent? Well the landlord was totally cool about it and THANK GOD it's month to month here with no lease. So still in the process of looking for my new place. I think I've found a cute little cottage here in N. Palm Beach/Juno Beach. Totally with in my budget and even has a "bonus" room for my little guy. It's in a nice, quiet, safe beach town too. Right around the corner from my son's school.

My computer took a crap on me as well. Not good with the fact that I was to start the next term at school. Eeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!! I had to withdraw from my class for this term and take a "W" but that's ok. I needed the time to take care of the first mentioned above.

One of my close friends passed away two weeks ago from liver failure. Unfortunately he didn't get a second chance on trying to get sober and stay that way. He'd never been to the doctor yet. He got sick, went into the hospital, seemed to be getting better, went back in, had blood transfusions and eventually went to hospice where there he passed away. I had gone to see him when he first went into the hospital and he told me "when a doctor tells me my drinking is going to kill me, I'm done!!!" I absolutely had faith he could do it. So sad that he didn't get the chance.

Just those three things had me on edge all month.

It still amazes me to this day that I can get through all of that and stay sober when years ago having something as small as my shoe string breaking would have set me off............ ok, maybe a little exaggeration there, but you all know what I mean. I'll be grateful when this month is over!!!

So now I just have to get packing, finish paying off all my bills for this month which is a little scary, however TAX SEASON!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! My returns are going to help bail me out there so that's a big help as well.

Serenity now, insanity later, LOL!!! No more!!!! Please!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well. Love you all!!! xo
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Sorry to hear about your sad loss.

Thanks for sharing your serenity in your recovery.
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So sorry to hear of your unfortunate circumstances this month. I'm glad you're still sober despite the messes you're dealing with.

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So sorry to hear about your friend. I lost two myself to liver failure. It's such a tragedy and my heart goes out to you.
On a bright note though, it's wonderful that you've found that cottage. It sounds lovely.
And how about the tax return not being wasted on booze? It can only get better. Hang in there.
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Wow Veg. It seems that "almost" everything has a positive counterpart except for your dear friend. I am sorry to hear about that. How sad, but that's the monster of this addiction. I really hate it at times.

Its nice to hear how strong you have remained and the way you have persevered through this stuff.

The cottage place sounds great! I have always dreamed of living in a beach town. Its convenient to your son's school to boot. That's great!!

The computer part sucks. Its kind of like us in that we put our house on the market and the roof has decided to leak. Life has an odd sense of humor at times I think. I hope life evens out for you soon and good luck with your move. Moving is so stressful. Hopefully we will experience that stress soon if our house sells.
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Originally Posted by Horselover View Post
Moving is so stressful. Hopefully we will experience that stress soon if our house sells.
Good luck to you as well!!!! Yep, the moving is no fun. I do hope to stay put for at least a couple of years after this.

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I am so impressed that you can take all of this and put it into perspective and take each thing one at a time, take care of it and go on. That is the beauty of being sober AND staying sober. It is amazing the stories I have heard in AA where people have had horrible things happen and stayed sober. Good for you. I hope next month is better for you.
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Vegibean's new look:

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LMFAO Vicious!!!! :rotfxko

Love it!!!
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Hey Vegi!

It sounds like things are going well!

I am sorry for the loss of your friend. Sometimes this journey doesn't make a lot of sense to us.
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I'm so glad for the positive stuff C - but I'm sorry for your loss

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Hi VB.

Thanks for posting.

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Am continuing to be impressed... thank you for posting this Vegi.

Welcome back, and sorry to hear about all that... I know what you mean about planning to stay put for a few years. Moving is no fun. Well, forced-by-circumstances moving...

Take care,
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Hi Veg. I'm sorry you lost your friend. We who are still standing are so fortunate. I personally never gave my liver a thought - I was just lucky.

Moving is always horrible, but it sounds like this will be a better place & will be worth the upheaval. Facing up to all these things without anesthesia is miraculous! You're doing great.
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Eeeeek is right! Glad you are here, Vegi.
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