Day 7

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Day 7

Day 7 today. I neverrrrrr thought I would go a whole week without a drink back when I was still drinking. I'm glad I found SR and able to wake up yet another day without a hangover..
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Isn't that the best feeling? You wake up, you remember you didn't drink and it feels so good. Well done on 7 days. It gets easier from here on.
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All right!! Go, Saphie!
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It's soooo nice to get up without that hangover!!! Good for you on your 7 days.
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That's awesome. The first week is usually pretty difficult, but life does get easier with time. Its not the time that makes it easier though. I think its the growth that happens and the tools you pick up so you are prepared when cravings hit. For some that's AA and SR and for others its SR and books. The tools vary, but the objective remains the same and that is to live a sober and productive life.
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perpetual optimist
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Congratukations on your first week Gnarly. Physically it is the hardest.
Just watch out for that little voice that says things like " well done you should celebrate with a drink" or Just one won't hurt we can moderate" or It's OK to have one to relax after a hard day", etc.
That voice will likely come calling and as long as you are ready you will be fine.
Keep up the enthusiastic attitude on your quest.
You are doing great.
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way to go GN!
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I meant, All Right, go Gnarlynoelle! I can't wait to be on the other side of day 7. How awesome is that?!?
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