sneaky triggers!

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sneaky triggers!

Hello all, Happy Tuesday,
Made it through the weekend without much incident. One thought that stood out for me personally is the sneaky power that triggers can have on you. I was thinking of the old Tom and Jerry cartoons where Jerry gets hypnotized by the aroma of food and he follows it in a catatonic state. I went back home to my folks house with my son and cooked dinner with them. Both my mother and father drink wine with dinner and right before we ate my father opened a bottle.
It was funny how quickly my mind raced to all the "good" aspects of what that bottle of pinot noir would have on the dinner and was fantasizing about its aroma, body, etc... Once I snapped out of it, grabbed my faithful cranberry lime seltzer the spell was over, but boy oh boy.
I will never speak for anyone but myself--I feel the power of the my addictive mind and its ability to forget all the bad (which outways 99% to 1) to the good is like an athletes body--it must be nourished and kept in shape daily.
On a positive note, I physically am starting to feel much better and have noticed my ability to concentrate and focus starting to improve. One day at a time, here and now. Would love to hear any stories on triggers and the ability to cope with them
Rob D
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Hey congrats on passing on the trigger. I know what you are talking about. I have triggers from things like music, driving past places I used to go, and movies. I was even in church on Sunday and say them pour the wine and starting thinking to myself, that's a great idea! I should do that when I get home. But, like you said, it's funny how all the good thoughts come back to you, and for me, i have to force myself to also weigh the negative sides. I have been keeping a journal and I re-read all that I had put down, and I am able to rationalize again. I am only 17 days in, and still think I am pretty fragile when it comes to triggers, but I am working on keeping some things to block them. I also am feeling better mentally and physically. I have been running again, and am able to sit and concentrate much better, which I was practically unable to do before.

Hang in there, and thanks for the post-One day at a time indeed is the key.
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Hi Rob

Just about everything triggered me at the start cos I drank everyday all day - I had to keep reminding myself that the cosy rosy good times images that came into my head when I imagined how 'good' a drink would be were BS.

Posting and reading here helped me keep that perspective - SR was my lifeline.

I like your athlete analogy - it's like that for me - I have to constantly keep in 'sober shape'...but most days it's not a conscious decision anymore

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Go ask the Multivax
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I was comfortable (or so I thought) with not having cravings. However, one day a co-worker comes in with pain meds for a sprained ankle. There it was this big bottle of "she-wouldn't-miss-5-of-them" pain meds. I actually salivated. I'm an alcoholic through and through. But those pills drove me nuts all day. Still can't get over the pure physical reaction of actual watering mouth. Made me all to aware of the beast within.

I got through it. It was more annoying than anything else. Hadn't thought until now, but that was the only time that happened (the physical reaction).

But, I will alway's remember how it surprised me. My work was the safest place to be I thought.
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I thought I was past those kinds of triggers, as the smell of wine/vodka/tequila/etc makes me heave. But I got a whiff of good dark beer the other day that smelled pretty swell.

The only real 'trigger" I have had to deal with since quitting was the emotional pain brought on by a dating relationship gone south. I just came here to SR, talked it out with The Universe, and just kept telling myself that it would pass.
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My sneakiest trigger is the shop talk at meetings. I'm half kidding here, but there have been a few moments where I thought, "Golly! All this talk about drinking makes me want to drink!"

Good thing there was some important context added to the talk about booze...

When I'm not at meetings, the thoughts come up frequently - often on their own, often triggered e.g. when people drink on TV - what glamorous lives! what full glasses! I have to give the context of why alcohol is not for me. Sometimes I have to sit down and make a list.

I'm hoping this gets a bit better with time...
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