How flashes, Lortab withdrawel?

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How flashes, Lortab withdrawel?

I have just recently got off opiates after a few months of use. I was at first taking 2 Lortabs daily and then to get the same effect started taking 4 daily. I have never had any addiction before, alcohol, cigs, drugs, etc... This is a first. I had 2-3 days of Hell but then on day 4 felt normal. Then day 6 which is yesterday I started having hot flashes. That is basically my only symptoms left but it is annoying because my face is extremely hot. I keep cold wash cloths on me and a fan directly in my face. It is miserable. I am still not as hungry as I was, a little moody and my pain was bad yesterday, my pain is good today... Other then that do you know if hot flashes a sign of Opiate withdrawel? Also does anyone know what can help the hot flashes. I have drank 3 glasses of water just awhile go and I can say that it helped a good bit. Thanks for your advice, those pills are just a demon. I am happy to quit them!
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I'm happy for you too. Congrats.
I don't have an answer though. Can you google w/d symptoms and how to cope?
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Hang in there. I too am trying to stop taking opiates. I have been addicted for years, it took me over 2 months to taper down. I too have hot is annoying! But, you are on day 7, and that is GREAT. You shouldn't have too many more days where you will have any symptoms. GOOD LUCK!!
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Hi Brandy

Welcome to SR

I think seeing a doctor if you're worried is always better than asking an internet board or googling your symptoms

We have a substance abuse forum here too - read may find people with experience down there as well?

Substance Abuse - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

Hope the hot flashes abate soon
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I'm glad you have decided to live a sober life.

Please do talk to your dr about your symtpoms, and keep posting here.

You'll find lots of support here.
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