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i've done my almost
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In my outpatient therapy group, we are having to keep a log of irrational thoughts.

Obviously, the first step is to recognize that you're having one. The second step is to then write them down and identify how you are feeling at the time, why you think you are feeling it, and why it's an irrational thought, and then categorize it (ex. jumping to conclusions, over generalizing, or being selfish).

I'm finding this extremely helpful and insightful. I just wanted to share in case this helps anyone else.

...and for the record, I have a lot of irrational thoughts
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s.m.a.r.t. has this same idea on their website. if you get a chance and haven't yet, you might want to check it out.
it has helped me as recently as this morning. a pattern of thinking that i 'm not good enough... that i will never have xyz... blah blah blah.
so i had to double check my thinking... cognitive therapy is good!

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It helped me a lot to recognize irrational thoughts.

I had believed that my thoughts were 'me', the essence of who I was.

Thoughts are just thoughts. Being able to recognize them as irrational thoughts and dismiss them, is a big step towards recovery.
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yep its a good idea and one I have recommended to clients in the past ... works for many
Next step is to dispute them , may need help to do this (REBT is good)
Shame I cannot follow it in my own personal life eh ! Life a decorator whose walls at home are a mess or a plumber whose own system is blocked LOL
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