Am I crazy or just an alcoholic?

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Am I crazy or just an alcoholic?

I think I am truy beginning to see the insanity of this disease. I woke up very early this morning, feeling wonderful, healthier than I have in a long time, and grateful to not be hungover! It's a beautiful sunny day out, the kind of day I would normally "celebrate" by drinking, and the thought crept into my head I wonder what ___ is doing today, it would be great to just have one drink! I can't believe I can go from one extreme to the other in just a matter of hours! Anyway, I thought about the last time I had to have "just one" and thought better of it, that was a disaster and not one I want to repeat! I'm off to church, have a great day everyone!
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Sounds like you're an alcoholic! The notion of just one drink is laughable. The notion of 2 drinks is laughable. The notion of 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 is laughable. You get the picture! LOL.

With me and drinking it used to be "I ain't leaving till I'm Heaving" Didn't plan on it being that way it's just I couldn't physically not stop drinking. The only time I would feel easy about leaving a pub/club or whatever is when I knew I had more cans and drugs waiting back at home, then I used to get positivley excited about leaving! Got to the stage where I couldn't be arsed to bother going out as it's easier to just be your own DJ and have your drink and drugs ready to hand... Glad to be out of that crazyness now.
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I could go from that fantastic feeling of enjoying not having a hangover to thinking about having just one drink in a matter of seconds. It was insanity.

I don't think I have ever drank one drink in my life.
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Thanks for reminding me about that jch - crazy, isn't it?

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Thanks for that. I had a fleeting thought this afternoon, when it was sunny for the first time in weeks - oh, wouldn't it be nice to sit out in the garden of a pub and have a drink.

Hahahahaha! A drink, one? what would be the ******* point of that?

anyways, the feeling passed and I had a nice day. Funny how much I used to love brunch, just an excuse to get hammered early on the weekend. At least now I get stuff done, or don't. Either way no more hangover.
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[QUOTE]Hahahahaha! A drink, one? what would be the ******* point of that?[QUOTE]

I totally agree. But if you really think about it...that isn't it?
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I do this in my head (day 22 here), and always admonish myself for it, but it's almost a reflex. Sunny day, let's have drinks. Stressful day at work, wow - drinks would be an awesome release, and on and on. Then I catch myself, and go, "Oh yeah, I don't drink anymore!"

The lack of hangovers on the weekends, just the physical part of it, has already changed my life immeasurably. I also do not actively hate myself anymore.
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You're is insanity!

Today DH and I went into a store today we used to buy beer at and for just a minute I thought about a beer on the backporch. For crying out loud....there is NO such thing as A beer, is there?!

Hope you enjoyed your day!
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