Closet drinker - new member looking for support - long post

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Hello David,

It's a marvel at what we can put into our bodies and end up still relatively okay. Alcoholism is such a slow way to go. But, ultimately it'll lead to death. I read once that the average lifespan of a male chronic alcoholic was 54. I'm not sure how accurate that study was but my own father died from liver disease at 47. I'm guessing with little ones you're a few years away from 54 - So, congrats for treating it early!

Of course there is something worse than failing livers and death... What we do and what happens to us before we get there.
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hi David
You seem to be doing great well done. Friends of mine split up after the stress of IVF so know what it can do to you.
I have told my partner my problems but 2 ashamed to tell others and also it would be professional suicide if my work ever found out.
I have problems with my liver enzymes. On the physical exam everything fine, like you no sign of juandice , had an untrasound and liver normal on that too
Not until bloods back that found out my GGT enzyme 750 (should be around 30 or 40) So now see a consultant as trying to discover cause and they not suggesting alcohol cause yet.
So I would wait until bloods back as they give you more info, Hopefully no damage . Men can drink a load more than women before damage sets in.
Keep up good work
I managed 6 weeks before but started drinking again. Now struggling with zero alcohol again.
I am waiting to see counsellor as I think that will make a difference
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Very courageous, David. You have taken a huge step. I hope the bloods come back as the doc predicts and then you can move on to the next step.
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