Random sober ramblings....

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Random sober ramblings....

Hey guys! 9 days sober here, and feeling pretty good about it for the most part. I have some cravings, but not bad enough to be a day ruiner or anything.

I've been noticing lately alot of things that trigger drinking for me...and to be honest I've never really paid too much attention to them before. Now more than ever I notice all the commercials....the magazine ads..going to a restauraunt, and theres hints to buy beer and liquor EVERYWHERE!

---watching a hockey game...and the commercial suggests why not enjoy the game with a Crown and Cola?????

-----Smirnoff says..." For those nights you will never forget...have a vodka drink!!!" ( LOL...don't they mean for those nights everyone blacks out?? lol)

----Lance of the best athletes in the world, is now promoting boooze...

---- I can't go anywhere it seems without the suggestion to drink.

What's wrong with our society???? Is it like this all over the world? Do people in Asia...or South America...or other places on this earth have BOOZE shoved in their faces 24/7?

---My friends call me and ask me to go for a beer or two. LMAO....seriously guys. FOr the last 15 years, a beer or two means going out....drinking at least a dozen beers...gettting absolutely sh**faced and end up ruining the night because we forget what happened, or how we got home.

OK guys....I'm sorry... I had to get some things off my chest...and it feels great to do so

Does anyone else notice these things?
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I do and at first it bothered me but now I am able to ignore it.
same thing with a lot of the other products that marketers tend to push down our throats that have little benefits in terms of our well being like cars, trucks, fast food, desserts,cell phones and the list goes on.
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I noticed all the ads on TV and magazines at first too, and it was frustrating. I would be watching something on TV and managing alright and then along came an advertisement for wine and my mind would jump on board.

Just know that this will pass and it will get easier.
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I agree, alcohol is everywhere. I have found that here in the UK, things have got much worse in the recession as they seem to be promoting drinking at home more because it is cheaper than drinking out.

I used to only have to try to avoid the booze in the booze ailse in the supermarket. Now it is everywhere. If I want to buy a healthy piece of fish, there are bottles of wine next to it in the fridge, wine with the muffins in the bakery (!) and bottles piled up at the checkouts when I pay. Alcohol is big business and I am sure our governments are enjoying the tax revenue that it is bringing it.

To stay sober I know that I have to accept it is going to be everywhere I turn as I can't change it.

How about training your mind to seek out where you cannot see alcohol when you starts noticing everywhere that it is.

Well done on your time sober. It's a huge achievement.
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Yes at first I too felt srrounded by booze and drinkers.
Living happily sober was a really difficult concept.
My social an work life had roatated around alcohol for years.

That faded for me about 2 months into AA recovery.
New friends ...a change in jobs....a different lifestyle
all were beneficial for me....

Glad you are headed in the right direction.
.Recovery Really Rocks!
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The commercials are here to stay and if you ask me I think they have been moving more from beer ads to liquior ads.. Maybe just more liquior ads...

The friends,,, yea, they will always want to go out and it is nice to have friends. After a while of being sober they will just ask you to go out without the added beer part. LOL

Some people can't drink milk, some can't eat a box of cookies without ending up in the hospitial, some (fill in blank here), some of us just can't drink without having issues. We are all different.

So in short our body and mind killer is everywhere. It is just a matter of 'are we doing today which keeps us from picking up that drink' so we don't kill off early (or someone else)?

We humans are SO alike but unique. Embrace the unquie and use it for some thing good today. Embrace others who are like us and do something good today. Put a smile on someone elses face today and every day...

Enjoy/Embrace being sober!
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I thought alcohol was everywhere and everyone that drank, drank like I did. And that was OK.

Since sobering up, I hardly see alcohol anywhere, or anyone near as wasted as I used to get.

When they call this a disease of perception (or misperception), I can relate.
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Great to read your post. Stick with it. Bad/harmful/problem drinking can sneak up on pretty quickly. I think it boils down to a lifestyle choice. Everyones journey with problem drinking is different, but the main commonality is that an individual figures ou it isn't working for them. Glad you're in that space. Keep us posted on your progress! It how may of us here learn and try to have a positive impact on others situations.

"---- I can't go anywhere it seems without the suggestion to drink. "

It's such an ingrained part of our culture the marketing of specific brands/ products makes me sick. Saw the P Diddy commercial for his vodka
and it made me laugh! Seems that marketers always try to associate drinking with good times. Took me a while to figure it out but I can still be
a bad boy ( in a good way) and get a fun, loose party mood without being pharmacologically enhanced.

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This is one of my main complaints as well. Society wants to shove it down our throats then judge us if it becomes a problem because "we have a disease". It sickens me that people judge us then have it in their beer can chicken and all over their house when you visit. They also have it at the check out lines now like they do the candy. Now we know how the kids feel who scream for candy?
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That's funny, NewLeaf, about the kids and the candy - never thought about it that way.

When I very first got sober, I saw it everywhere and it bugged me. Now I still see it everywhere and it buggs me less. I hope some day i can walk down the booze aisle with the same feeling as walking down the baby product aisle. As is, keep walking, there is nothing here for you.
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Originally Posted by cambridge View Post
I hope some day i can walk down the booze aisle with the same feeling as walking down the baby product aisle. As is, keep walking, there is nothing here for you.

I think that is a great way to look at it.
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It was a revelation to me, newly sober, just how much alcohol is a part of society, especially the media down here in Australia - every movie, every ad, every song...

But now I barely notice.

I think, as others have suggested, it has a lot to do with perception

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Thanks for the replies everyone Day 10 now!
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