On the 5th day

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On the 5th day

4 full days under my belt......this is day 5

has been rough.....didn't really think "I" would go through withdrawl.
key phrase there would be "I didn't think"
still having head aches, just not non stop at least.
sleeping is coming and going still..........Friggin nightmares started last night (makes me want to stay awake)
the detox part of this whole week has just reinforced my desire to stay quit!

getting nervous about the weekend ( I don't mind admitting )
started reading under the influence yesterday (as I tried earlier in the week, and the vision thing wasn't working too well yet) VERY good read! will pass it on to others I'm sure when I am done.
Really need to work at quitting snipping at my husband (started yesterday in big ways)
like its his fault I feel this way........I know, I know its not!
will probably end up being a nuisance hanging by this board this weekend, kick me off if I get too whiny.

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I'm glad you're doing well, and know that you can get through the weekend.
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The important thing is that you're not drinking. Sometimes we say bring your body, the mind will follow. Recovery continues to be a long journey and a learning experience for me. One day at a time, and each day I rediscover what I need to stay sober.
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We'd rather see you on here all weekend, sharing what's going on with you than having you pick up. What is it that you're coming off of? I'm a Recovering Addict/Alcoholic whose drug of choice was opiates. I used for 32 years, 25 of those severely addicted to any kind of opiate. I'd been through detox at a local hospital more times than I can count. By the Grace of God, on the 25th of this month, I will celebrate 4 and 1/2 years Clean, Sober, Happy, Joyous & Free! I can't begin to tell you how different life is. It's true what they say, my worst day clean is better than my best day using was.

Have you been to any Meetings? If not, give them a try. I can't stress enough how important it is to build up a support system of others in Recovery as well. Sure, it's great to have Family and Friends who are supportive, but you need to get to know people who understand what you're going through, people who you can call anytime, day or night and also people who can share what worked for them. Also, working the 12 Steps will basically help you identify why you picked up in the first place, help you clean out the garbage in your mind, be able to let go of the past and how to deal with life on life's terms without using.

Take things One Day at A Time, One Hour at A Time if you need to. Don't overwhelm yourself. Keep things nice and simple. And remember, we're here 24/7 for you.

God Bless,
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I missed Judy´s posts.
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Hey Din,

Congrats on Day 5!! Looking forward to seeing you around this weekend, my dear hubby has to work so SR is where I plan to hang out too!! I am really enjoying reading and posting.....the support is GREAT!!!

Day 7 for me!!!
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Congrats on day 5!
Just do it a day at a time din - stick as close to SR as you need to

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