Day 7

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Day 7

Ok, I've made it to Day 7. I can't tell you how long it's been since I've been able to say that....

so far all is pretty good. the headaches seem to have mostly gone and my sleeping patterns have seemingly gotten fairly normal (still some crazy dreams). One of my favorite things about this peak into sobriety has been sitting in bed with my wife and watching tv at night. I used to find lots of excuses to hang out downstairs so that I could continue my nightly binge ritual. Another good result of the last week is I've quickly dropped 5 pounds (who knew how many wasted calories I was putting into my body).

Don't get me wrong, it's not going perfectly...I still have daily cravings that I have to just say "no," to. Hopefully I can keep that up. The second weekend is coming up and I hope I can stay strong.

SR has really been helpful thus far and I plan to continue posting and responding.

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Way to go. I found the first week the hardest. Keep it up.
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Great job and keep up the good fight. Keep busy over the weekend and post here if you need to. I don't know if you have a face to face recovery plan, but that might help too if the weekends are hard. It would at least give you something to do.
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Thank you, that is inspirational.
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Awesome to hear, keep it up. If you're struggling over the weekend hang out here, plenty around to chat to
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Great stuff, and what an added bonus losing a little weight, which I have found too! Keep it up, and you will be amazed at your inner strength!!!!
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Congratulations on your week

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More good things came in time for me...eyes and skin more clear, more energy, just an all over feel good!

Couldn't believe how bloated alcohol made me when I look back on pictures from my drinking days. Ick!

Good for you ~
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nice one.

i remember the dreams......really real and really vivid.
they went once my sleep pattern was normal.
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keep coming back!!

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That's good to hear and motivation....I'm sitting on day four waiting to get "normal". I can relate to the quality time with the wife....i actually stayed awake through a whole movie without passing out, remembered what I watched the next morning and didn't make excuses to stay out in the living room when my wife went to bed early. Whoodathunkit?
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Hey Congratulations on Day 7!! Meee toooo!!! I am feeling unusually good, I think!!

Keeping on Keeping on and I will too!!!
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