Cant sleep well... Help

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Cant sleep well... Help

Hi all,

Im 6 days in and of course I'm having trouble sleeping. Im wondering what you all do to get to sleep at night. I've heard about sleepy tea and other things. What works for you?

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Excercise and getting up a half hour earlier than normal. That helps me get to sleep quickly and deeply.
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Once you get a little further along in your recovery, you'll sleep better.

Melatonin works for many... It worked for me at 6 mg, but it made me cranky the next day, although that was when I was still drinking and stuff... so I don't know how I would react now...

Valerian Root... That works for some. It works best if used regularly. It's subtle.

Benadryl... that works good for me, but it can create dependancy by itself and some people feel that it can trigger urges to drink and or drug. I have no problems at all with it, but be warned...

Mediation music... That was really helpful for me... There is a series of meditation CDs by Liquid Mind... Awesome stuff... easy to find at Amazon and can be found on iTunes... You want good circumaural headphones, the low frequency tones are important... It was especially good early in my recovery.

Avoid coffee, etc... Don't try to fall asleep in front of the TV... you'll just wake up and not be able to get back to sleep... If you can't sleep, read...

Exercise, eat right...

Time takes time though... ... It gets better, it really does, I sleep great now... better than ever.

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Lots of good ideas here, and I hope some of them will work for you.

Good for you on your 6 days sober!
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Congrats on your sober time, you're doing really well mate!

I use lavender essential oil to help me sleep. You can probably get it from a health food shop, 'hippie/new age' store or even a chemist.

Just put a few drops on your pillow at night.

Hope that will help a bit.

Much love,

Faerie x
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Eating protein and life.
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Time really is the best medicine.

Exercise has helped me tremendously - I'm doing two-a-days though (aerobic workout in the AM and weight lifting in the PM).

Try to stay away from anything that might get you fired up before bed. For example the other night I was up late searching for jobs and had a real hard time falling asleep. It wasn't until this was pointed out to me that I saw the correlation. So now it's "easy does it" 2-3 hours before bed.

I also started using this homeopathic spray that my gf told me about. It's got some kind of spearmint/eucalyptus blend that really works better than I thought it would (I was always under the impression that stuff was for witch doctors and circus midgets - but I signed up! )

I've tried melatonin (3mg I think) and it made me feel very strange the next day so I don't take it. I have heard people use it with success though.

Congrats on Day 6!
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I feel your pain. I have tried just about most suggestions and still struggle on days - i have put that down to "path that must be walked".

I had a great sleep last night after pure exhaustion...maybe when you get to the exhaustion you too will sleep!

Ive been told about Melatonin too but im in aus so not sure if we have it here....

PS well done on 6 days keep up the good work
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Excercise, especially walking/hiking in this cold weather does the trick.
I do like sleepytime tea, not sure it helps me sleep but it's yummy, my daughter and I have been having a cup at night lately.
What cubile mentioned... the liquid mind stuff: I have a few apps (free- 5 bucks) that I've downloaded to my ipod which are similar (binaural beats) they help me quiet my mind when I wake up in the middle of the night. One of the apps has a setting for fighting cravings too... a meditation setting, one to help focus... etc.

I love lavender on my pillow too
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5mg of Melatonin and a cup of Sleepytime tea works for me. Tomorrow is my 8th month anniversary sober...sleeping will get better trust me.
Great job...keep truckin'
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Hi Beligerent

I think most of us have trouble with sleeping at least initially. I like the exercise idea...I also use a relaxation visualisation CD.

Please be careful about putting anything in your body - make sure you read the directions, and check with your Dr if you're worried, or if this goes on too long.

Be especially careful with things like Benadryl. I've seen many members here and in the substance abuse forum in trouble over that.

Hope you get some rest soon
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There are lots of good ideas here. I just wanted to add that I'm going through the same lack of sleep thing.

Congrats on Day 6!
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I'm on day 6 too and have had trouble getting to sleep as well. The main problem is spending so much time reading on here I think it will pass for us.
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I use a natural pill/vitamin that contains melonin, valerian root, and chamomille. I'm a chronic insomniac, so sometimes I have to add an over-the-counter sleep aid, as well. It does quite well.
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