today is Day ~ 3

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today is Day ~ 3

Couldn't EVEN tell you the last time I had an "honest" 2 days of sobriety under my belt.

Have had a horrid headache since 10 a.m. day one (thought it had subsided this morning) but........NOT
Think I'm going to keep a journal of each and every day for awhile (to reflect on)
aside from the headache......have had some blurred vision........cant concentrate for squat (and am still working full days) noticed my skin itching to beat all..........and in the shower am scrubbing a bit more intensively than what "I" would consider normal.

I have admitted to myself that I am an alcoholic........have been since I was probably 12.
1st rehab in 78/ 2nd in 79 (cocaine, booze, pot)
have stayed off the cocaine since then.......played with pot most of the time since......unfortunately Booze is my demon.
I have really only told one person of my quitting and that is a grown daughter.
Although my husband did notice I had NO booze (of mine) in the house last night.

I'm here for the duration ~


advice is welcome
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Originally Posted by din View Post
I'm here for the duration ~

I hope so Din.
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The best thing I will do today is to go to bed without taking a drink. Tomorrow, I can do it all over again. That's how I've been doing it for almost five years, one day at a time.

Welcome to SR!
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Hi and welcome.
Obviously I can't give medical advise, but all your symptoms sound like withdrawal, incl. the itchy skin. It might be wise to see a doctor. It's very good your daughter knows. How about your husband? Does he have booze in the house? It will make it more difficult for you. Trust me I know
Hang in there and keep reading and posting.
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good luck din. you can do this. so many people have got their start through this place and it has helped me tremendously.
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Welcome to SR din.
I have quit pretty much everything through the years.
Meth in 1975
Coke in 1987
Hash and Grass in 2003

Alcohol was also my favorite and I quit that last year. It was like losing a friend at first but after a few months it is the same as the other things I quit. I really have no desire to get involved with it.
You can do this if you really want to.
Good luck.
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I'm right there with you on day two! Can't wait for this to be over. My head feels like an overfilled ballon about to pop. Good Luck and congrats on the two days!
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As Saphie already suggested, for ANYONE quitting it is an excellent idea to see a Dr. and be totally honest. Withdrawals for some alcoholics results in death!!!

After seeing the Dr. I would urge you to seek out a long term rocovery program and work it as though your life depends upon it.............. because it does!
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thanks for everyones response

unfortunately...seeing my Dr.(and being honest about detox) is not an option.
Small town in the midwest.......even if he were swore to silence, the rest of the nurses and what have you are not.
Own and operate my own business, and am just not ready for the back lashing of it all at this point.
I am going to see if I can find some (somewhat) local meetings, once I get some time under my belt, then I can move forward on my recovery.

and yes, my husband does have beer in the house.......and I cant "make" him change that. I am the alcoholic, not him.
My drinking is not the same as his, and we both know that.

I will fill him in on the number of days I have under my belt, once I get some.

As with smoking, its ........."not one puff"
"one puff away from a pack a day"

well, with me and drinking , its got to be......."not one drink"
"because One is too many and 15 is not enough"

I will continue to lurk as I have been, and pull from your knowledge and wisdom provided

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Hi Din

Congrats on your sober time

I hope you change your mind about the doctor though, cos nothings as important as our health and well-being. Its as basic as that.
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You can do this. ODAAT.
Hang tight to SR.
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Welcome Din....Day 6 here and feeling good about it!!

SR has been a key factor for me!! Reaching out is such a BIG step...good for you!!!
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