Doing it friends......

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Doing it friends......

Told the dude everything tonight,,,,,,,,,done living this way,,,,,,told him I needed two days in the bed and needed to be taken care of.......I love him so much........he gets am out of here for a couple...........please wish me luck.........this is gonna be hard....I am scared, but going in...........hugs to all who are struggling too.
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Go for it VC !

You've done it before, you can do it again!
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(((VC)) See you in a few days W.

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Hugs and good luck, VC.
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We are all pulling gor you VC.
You are very lucky to have a mate that is backing you 100%. He is a keeper.
Good luck.
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Honesty is a good thing. Take care. You can do this!
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Hugs to you ((VC.))
You can do this. Take care of yourself. Lots of water, small meals and vitamins.
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All The Best xxx
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Good luck VC. I don't often venture out of the August thread - please join us for a minute and let us know how you are doing!
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Thumbs up

VC, I am so relieved. Whatever luck I have left, I hereby bequeath it to you!! Stay strong!!
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What are you going to do different this time after the 48 hours in bed and when you feel better?
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(((VC)))...hugs to you...what a great decision you have made..

You NEVER have to go thru this again, this can be the last time.

We are all here, cheering you on!!!!

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Thinking of you
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Hey VC .. you can do this!! Come join us in the August thread soon.
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