it feels great

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it feels great

no lightning from the sky. just 'normalcy'.

this is the second holiday weekend in a row that i feel great. holiday weekends were always a problem for me because it was one extra day of all-day drinking.

i quit following a holiday weekend on september 8th of 'last year' get to say i quit last year now.

my heart breaks for everyone on here that is beginning to quit. i know it hurts and i truly hate it for you. but i am nobody special at all and i have done it. i was just to the point i knew it was killing me.

i'm at 118 days now and it feels so good to feel good. actually i've felt like poo the last 5 days with a winter cold. the sinuses are still a bit jacked up but i feel so much better.

and i know i'll feel very good in the morning when i head to work. mondays were always hell for me. being the good 'functional drunk' i made sure i never missed work. i felt toxic when i got there and could only eat soup and bread on mondays but i would tough through it so i could claim my drinking wasn't interfering with my job.

i've already showered and got all my clothes ready for work tomorrow. just get a good nights sleep and head in for a project that is due tomorrow. i don't dread it because i know my mind is good.

for those just gets better. it gets to where you're shaving and you have all your faculties and you stand there and realize you've been doing it tanked or hungover for the last xxx years. i know that it's hard to believe something that small can give you joy and maybe i'm easily pleased but it rocks my world.

a family brother who loved the vodka like me (we run in packs) has started going back to a.a. and has about 6 days clean now. it's a blessing because his life was truly spiraling out of control. no dui's out of it but could have easily.

i thank every single person from this site for helping me make it this far and let me enjoy the little things.

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Thanks for the update and congratulations on your sobriety.

This is the first holiday season I have been sober and I agree it is very nice. I, too, will be fresh for work tomorrow, although I cannot say I look forward to it. I still hate mondays.
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Thanks for the testimony. Such posts help us newbies realize that things can only get better each day.
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What an awesome post! Congrats on your sober time!
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..well done..
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And.....look what you did to your brother! I do hope in some way, any way, that my sobriety will be an incentive to some of my loved ones to get some help. I hope.
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Hey fallen,

Thanks for such a heartfelt post! It is sooooo
good to hear that it only gets better!

I am looking forward to it!!

Yes, it is difficult for us newbies to get
started but I am sooooo happy to be
here, reading and sharing my journey
into sobriety!!

Day 3
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