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hi my names dave one day while i was at work
my girlfriend of three years packed up all her things and left me i have talked to her on the phone since then she couldnt believe i didnt see it coming i was to drunk to even notice how she felt. she left me because my drinking was out of control. it is the most painful thing to think that the most important person in my life i lost because of alcohol makes me never want to drink again i have drank for so long and so much that not drinking at night makes me sick and i get cold, icthy, nervous i need help
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Hi Dave

Welcome to SR. Sorry to hear about your gf.

If not drinking makes you feel sick, then it might be a case of first things first and seeing your doctor to get you through detox is a great idea.

You'll find a lot of support here, but have you thought of a reallife support group? AA is probably the most widely known but there are other ones too...

Read about the place and get some ideas

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Welcome to SR Dave and I think you should consult a doctor too. Withdrawals can be downright dangerous. Sorry to hear about your girlfriend, but maybe this is what you needed to pull you out of the fog. We don't know what's in our future, but we can help guide it somewhat by being sober and clear headed.
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Congratulations in reaching out for help. You've made it over the biggest hurdle. You've won 1/2 the battle. You're on your way now.

Here's a 3-step program that works everytime:

1. Pick up the phonebook and the phone.
2. Call AA.
3. Ask them to send someone to pick you up tonight and help you decide what to do.

Don't be a loner. We need you.
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Hi and Welcome,

The wake-up calls that we get are often the most painful we can imagine.

I'm glad you are seeking support here, and do talk to your dr.
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Hey hendricks55

Welcome to SR, reaching out may be the best
thing you could ever do for yourself! Sorry, to
hear about losing your gf but it sounds like your
ready to focus on YOU!! Sobriety is a wonderful
way of doing just that!!

Day 3
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thanks for all ur support i am doing good but it is very hard
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hi hendricks - and welcome!

I know lake havasu... why not make some calls and find yourself a meeting?

It was said on another thread, but -
when we DO get that 'wake up call'
it is NOT time to hide away and cry

it's time to jump ON it... and DO something.

I hope you'll look in the front of the phone book and give AA a call.
if you decide to go with another program later, that's fine -
but for the money - AA can't be beat!
(it's free... that was a joke)

I found friends, companionship, growth and healing at AA
and using SR as an accompaniment to that
I've been able to stay sober for well over three years now.

I hope you'll keep posting and keep us informed how you are.

Again - welcome!
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