7 months for the baldguy

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7 months for the baldguy

yup seven months for me not drinking tomorrow

someone asked me what does being sober mean to me and i said everything

without all the dreggs of life being in my life ,without the demon drink controlling me and lets face it ,it aint called demon for nuffink is it people

i am free and happier i feel what ever happens in my life now good or bad its up to me within reason

everything is just easier now ,nothing seems as all gloom and gloom as it did ,i have been having trouble with a stalker telling lies about me for five years, now i'm not drinking and she posted her crap it never phased me at all i actually felt sorry for her ,having nothing better to do with her sad little life than go around from forum to forum trying to harass me ,i have lost best part of 30 pounds in weight and look ten years younger

all in all i am a much nicer person

what has being sober meant to me ???

its finding out i am that pot of gold at the end of my rainbow

life really is that ok for me now

well happy new year to you all and indeed your loved ones ..from jim
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Congratulations Jim.

It is good to see that being a non drinker agrees with you. I am in the same boat.
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[QUOTE=Fubarcdn;2474588]Congratulations Jim.

It is good to see that being a non drinker agrees with you. I am in the same boat.

thanks and for once it dont feel like the TITANIC lol
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Congrats! Keep up the good work! It helps us newbies
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Good Job Jim! Congrats!!!
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Congratulations on 7 months!! So happy for you!!

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Congratulations Jim! It is just great to wake up and see all this sobriety being celebrated on SR. Glad you are enjoying life and not just getting by. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing this with us.
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Its time for bed
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Congrats Jim!
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Way to go. I am really happy for you!

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CONGRATULATIONS! You come to realize after you live this way for a while that you ARE living "one day at a time". The more we live this the more there is only now, the past is past, tomorrow?....... who knows?
Keep doing what you are doing and always stay honest, open-minded, and willing, stick to your daily routine of recovery, keep your faith in your higher power and life will continue to improve even in the face of seemingly overwhelming circumstances...........
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Congrats, Jim!
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Nice One Jim!!

I really liked your post!

Peace and happy new year to you too.
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Nice going, Jim!
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Alright Jim!

Good to hear you are doing well and congrats on the 7 months:-)

The weight thing is definite bonus too isn't it? Amazing how much younger we look without it...didn't even occur to me when i was carrying it around?!
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Dear Baldjim,

Biggest CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 7 months ROCKS!

Love Pancake xo
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same planet...different world
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good for you!!!!!!!

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the amazing thing about my new lease of life at almost fifty is not only has it not cost me a penny i've saved a fortune

well i have not saved it as put it in the bank but i have been able to buy my daughter clothes ,my new born grandson some things

my health is getting better

the ghosts of my past that used to haunt me and torment me when i was drinking are exactly that mostly,ghosts in my past

weather i fly like a phoenex from the ashes of my old horrid life or sink like a stone is pretty much in my hands

i only mix with happy nice people all the toxic quicksand lot that took took took are gone both in real life and online

if people want to insult or tell lies about me now i just laugh and wish them well ,things that used to really bother me when i was drinking just seem so silly now

life is good and is going to get so much better

the emptyness and lonliness i felt when i first stopped drinking and stopped mixing with my old drinking buddies is all but a distant memerry as i have found new friends and new interests ... just as the soberecovery crew said it would so if you are a newbie hang in there it really does get better after 3 months honest it does

so thanks for reading peace to all ...happy new year from jimbo
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well done, Jim!!!!!
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good bye and a sorry

it would appear the person who i accused of saying some nasty lies about me is not the person i thought it was so a big sorry to them

and i would like to say goodbye to any one who has helped me through my dark bad days and any friends i have made

i have asked for my account to be deleted as i feel i cant have peace any more here and that is all i want

so goodbye folks sorry to pants and hopes everyone carries on well with their not drinking
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