ive been hidding

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ive been hidding

ive been hidding from the fact that i carnt drink for the last few monthes
i thought i was 8 monthes cleen
woudent let myself beleve it was that much off a problem
8 mothes off opiats
and black out binge drinker ever since

im realy glad i found this site and would just like to say thanks to all the people who have shared and got me to this point

5 days properly cleen now.and im going to go to the cinamer with my wife. make shure its 6 tomorow
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We're all hiding from something to some degree Jazz.

Congratulations on your progress and thanks for your honesty.
It takes what it takes.

Enjoy the show.
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I'm glad you recognized that you need to stop drinking. There is lots of support here, so keep posting.
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jazz, I'm with anna, keep posting and stick around here. This site IS awesome and there is a ton of great support here. My very best to you!!
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Welcome to SR... I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and agree with Anna and Vegi on the "stay around."

Take care,
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One of the main symptoms of alcoholism is a denial of the problem.

Congrats on the 5 days.
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I'm glad you were honest with yourself Jazz
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"To thine ownself be true." Words I am "trying" to live by.

Welcome to the SR clan. Congratulations on your decision to be sober. May 2010 bring you peace and serenity.
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