I think my mind needs help

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I think my mind needs help

Why can't I just do it? I have done many things in my life and this alcohol thing is completely taking me for a ride. I am sober for today and I wish I knew who wrote the program to my brain.
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Have you been to a meeting today? Might be a good idea. I used to think there was something wrong with my brain too.


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Dedubya... Dude

Where are you in the big book and the steps? Are you trying to do this with willpower alone?

I thought about you over the weekend. I got my bicycle on the trainer, my iPod and some headphones and I'm rockin' now... too cold here in the Northeast to do any significant riding on the road...

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Looking For Myself...Sober
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In all truthfulness, You mind does need help. Mine does too. They say this is a brain disease.
I know for myself, I need to learn how to think differently, look at things differently and alot of my addiction is mental.
Are you doing anything besides white knuckling it?
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Maybe we are just different. And maybe there is a sense of relief accepting that we are just different. And there is nothing wrong with being different. And, it is a relief to stop trying to be like others.
I told my therapist once that I wish I could be like "all those other folks" who reach their goals so easily. She said she doesn't doubt that I will reach those goals, but I might have a couple-fifteen more hurdles to jump. Which might be kind of cool because those extra hurdles will bring awareness, personal growth and insight into my struggle. Maybe I'll be way ahead of those who reach the finish line easily?
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I so hear you on this. Alcohol as proven to be the biggest challenge I have faced my entire life. I kept getting on that sobriety horse and falling right off. It's hard. The most important thing is that I kept getting back on and this time I am hoping it will stick.

One thing I have done is explore lots of different options for quitting. If one didn't really work I tried something else. Meetings, therapy, groups, message boards or even a prescription for Antabuse. I just kept looking instead of doing the same path over and over and getting frustrated. For me, I had to find the right combo that worked and I finally found one. We are all different and you will find your path to sobriety.
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I don't know how long you have been trying to quit, but I do know for myself that it took many attempts/years to find what would work for me. Sobrierty is still very new for me and who knows what will happen in the future. What I do know is that all I can control is the right now. So thats what I do everyday I take control of that day...even if its just an hour at a time. Hang in there dubs
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You're an addict Dub. I could do everything but beat it too.
You're in good company.

Take Lenina's advice and hit a meeting, Dub
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