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I am charlie. I am very excited I found this site. I am here to share make friends and be a friend. This is my first day everything is going good. Just got through working out. I found the meeting group in the town I live in and I am going to work the steps. I do not ever want to go back to the old life. I have no desire to drink right now and just need to stay that way. I absolutely do not want to drink. Alcohol took my dad. Alcohol played a role in my divorce and alcohol has lost me several friends. I know that alcohol is just a symptom of whats really going on. Abandment or loneliness are 2 things I am looking into. Anyway hope everyone is doing good today.
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Drugs and alcohol took alot from me too. Glad you are here.
Thats a really good attitude to have. And you never do have to feel like that again. Hope tyo see more of you.
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Hi again.....

Wow! you felt like working out on Day 1?
That's really good! I was too sick to sit.

Keep moving forward....
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Hi Charlie and welcome.

I am glad you are here, we are all in the same boat, I look forward to getting to know you. There is a lot of help here, all yours for the taking.

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Hi Charlie and congratulations on your decision to get sober.

I too use AA and the Steps in my recovery and it does work.
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Thank you Aysha, Carol, Cathy, and Believe. Hopefully someday soon I will be able to do something for y'all, thank you for the kind notes and support. Had a good workout, kettlebell workout, if I throw up then I throwup but I am going to sweat and help my body move this stuff out of me. Tired now though. I read where a sauna or sweating alot will help get it out of your system. That components of alcohol get embedded in your fat cells and it takes up to 2 yrs to completely get it out of your body. Sweating or a sauna will greatly speed the process up. I am off work this week so I need to stay busy. Hope you guys are doing good.
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Welcome Charlie!!

I'm with Carol on the workout...I couldn't do anything the first day let alone the first week.

Good for you!!! I wish you all the best
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Hey Charlie! You're crazy, man! You'll fit right in here

I like the idea of sweating to get the crap out of your fat cells... I'm gonna remember that next time I feel too lazy to have a workout.

See, you're here only a couple hours and you're already helping somebody

Glad to meet you!

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Thanks Goat. Ok when you surrender and I want to surrender. Who or what do you surrender too?
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Welcome to SR Charlie
You'll find a lot of support here.

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Welcome cw! Stick close to SR....lots of good info here.
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I'm glad you found us.
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Welcome to SR and congratulations on your decision. Alcohol steals so many things from us. You are wise to have quit.
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Welcome to SR Charlie.

Hopefully someday soon I will be able to do something for y'all, thank you for the kind notes and support.
Charlie whether you are on day one or 30 years sober, you help some one when you share, thanks for suiting up & showing up.

I stay sober using the fellowship & the program (12 steps) of AA.

I found the meeting group in the town I live in and I am going to work the steps.
Go right to it with the steps, I would suggest starting right off with a temporary sponsor, they can help you find a sponsor that is a fit for you, it could very well turn out to be them.

You are starting off the right way.... stay in the day!!! One day at a time, there is no reason to rush, but it was crucial for me to keep moving forward!

Beware of the "Wow, I have not drank in XXXX number of days, I can't be an alcoholic." or the "Well one can not hurt.", if you are an alcoholic like me or many others one is never enough.

Take the steps, you will find if you apply all of them daily that you will have found a solution not just to your drinking problem, but life!
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Good for you Charlie. Just remember to keep taking in fluids, ie water, gatorade, etc to replace the fluids you are 'sweating out' with toxins in them.

Ok when you surrender and I want to surrender. Who or what do you surrender too
I surrendered to KING ALCOHOL my MASTER. I finally admitted to the core of my being that alcohol had beat me. Once I did that, then the 'acceptance' in Step 1 that I was powerless over alcohol and that when I drank my life became totally unmanageable became possible. Acceptance to the core of my being to build a very firm solid foundation in Step 1. A foundation built of concrete and granite not sand, as the rest of the steps would be built on that foundation.

What helped me tremendously was I did a "Time Line" of my 24 years of drinking, so that I could see in Black and white the PROGRESSION of my servitude to King Alcohol.

Starting at 12 having a Cocktail with my folks in the evening (my mother wanted me to learn how to control and enjoy my drinking so some fellow couldn't take me out and get me drunk and do what he wanted as i was physically mature) and the 'Time Line" ending at 3 week shy of my 36 birthday with the TOD being put on my medical chart in the ER of Olive Hospital.

Seeing that 'Time Line', the progression, the jobs lost, the homes lost, the husband lost, the fancy cars and diamonds lost, and ending up living on the streets the last year and a half, went a long way in helping me to 'surrender'. King Alcohol totally beat me.

I do believe a 'Time Line' might help. However, before attempting that, on your own, go to some more meetings, get the AA pamphlet about "Sponsorship" and find a sponsor who has not only worked the steps, and has a sponsor but 'seems' to be walking the way he is talking.

Hope that helps a bit.

Welcome to the World of Recovery. You are starting a journey that will literally blow your socks off!

Love and hugs,
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