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same planet...different world
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now that ... made me smile.

thank you.
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barb dwyer,

Your bunnies make me smile. You make me think.

Thank you,

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Staying connected to ur recovery
program and doing the next best
thing. Stick with the winners.
Follow suggestions one day at
a time.

Thumbs up for you Barb..!
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Originally Posted by barb dwyer View Post
I am fairly certain it was to show me ...

freaking out or not -

I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be .... alla time.

Yeah, I miss the thank you button too.

Take care,
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I have learned in recovery, that nothing happens coincidentally, and your story is a great example of that.
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Hello Barb, (((((Hugs)))))

What an "INspirational" Story that was! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Love Pancake xo
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