71 days

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71 days

Truly amazed but made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas without alcohol! I think I was a kid when that last happened. For once, I was happy not to have a string of friends, socializing - or worse, family members who love to drink - around. So lonely perhaps but not tempted to drink. Just overeat. Thanks to SR for the support.
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Good for you Watsonc!! Next year I bet you'll be able to have company around. I know the first holidays for me I didn't appreciate being around the people that were drinking, but this year not quite as bad. I had a tad of resentment at an office party we attended because every 5 seconds we were having champagne placed in front of us BUT it wasn't the wait staff's fault. They were told to get it out for the toast. I am hoping next year to just let it sit in front of me and pick it up and toast and then set it down and drink my non-alcoholic drink. Whatever! It gets easier with time and congratulations.

I have a thing today with being much too wordy. I am sorry. LOL!
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well done C! :bounce
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See Dee is less wordy, much more to the point, and well, less wordy. LOL!
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(No, I'm the wordy one - get going and can't stop. I want to be like Dee - get my point across without blabbing on and on.)

Watsonc - isn't it wonderful when you prove to yourself that you can do this thing? I was shocked when I got through my first holidays as a grown up without booze (last year). This year was much better, no serious cravings or self pity.

Here's hoping next year will be more joyful and less lonely for you - meanwhile, be proud of yourself for this great accomplishment.
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Way to go, my friend!!
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That is awesome watsonc, congrats. My first Christmas season sober I found to be much easier hanging with a group of my AA friends, had an absolute blast which amazed me because I never dreamed I could have such a great time sober.
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