Ruining christmas

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Ruining christmas

I have ruined Christmas I should not of drank. I made a complete fool of myself. I worked really hard at trying to make everything nice and then drank. Such an idiot
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No you are not an idiot. Pick youself up and start again. Move forward and people here will support
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Thank you
I quit drinking for a while and relapsed over Christmas. I was really bad on boxing day my sister says I was like a psycho I can only remember falling in to the recycling bin. I really regret drinking. Especially when i wrecks all the effort you put into the holidays. Just the humilation of it all is awful.
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Drinking does cause remorse in our lives. I would try to get over the remorse, but if you really want to be sober then you have to go to all lengths. If SR is not helping you remain sober then you should (in my opinion) search for another form of recovery along with SR. A face to face group that could give you phone numbers of people to call might be helpful. Therapists have been known to help. There's lots of different ways.

You definitely can make this the last time you feel ashamed of your behavior. I wish you well.
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Yes, that's what addiction does to us.

There is a perpetual cycle of drinking/feeling shame/drinking to ease the shame. Take a step out of the cycle and stay sober today.
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The best part (okay, part of the best part) of sobriety is letting go of the shame.

Welcome to SR. Please 'read-around' lots of good stuff here.
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thanks Coffee! Good stuff
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Thanks all
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Hi again Amelie

I think people are right here - whats done is done - the important thing now is to work on it never happening again.

I can't remember what you've tried in the past, but I hope you look at doing something in a face to face support kind of thing - whether that be AA, another programme, or counselling or whatever - and really start to put this part of your life behind you

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Don't be to hard on yourself.
Others will do that for you.
Be good.
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I'm pretty new at this sobriety stuff but know that when I struggle, and if I relapse, I'll have learned a lesson - and that will help me be stronger the next time. Start over - you're wiser and stronger this go-around.
Best to you...and don't be too hard on yourself, please..........
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Hi Amelie. It was all the ruined Christmases - as well as other special occasions - that made me want to quit in order to enjoy my life again. In the past, I did what you did - got all ready and had great intentions, then sabotaged myself by deciding to have "a few". There is never going to be "a few" for me.

You sound disgusted enough to let this be the last time you allow this to happen. We're with you all the way on your journey to a better life for yourself & your family.
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