sharing some of my christmas.

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sharing some of my christmas.

My new grandson arrived late on christmas eve..
a miracle from god.......cant post pics but take it from me he is cute.

frightens the hell out of me........something so small and fragile...

george the puppy is doing well and has a new blanket.

the wife is not speaking to him...after he ate her cell

i cooked the dinner today.....with "over the shoulder guildance" from the wife.
and it was gooooood...

Merry christmas from me and george.
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Merry Christmas, Trucker and George! And Trucker's wife!

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congratulations on the new grandkid Trucker

Merry Christmas George!
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Babies scare me too. LOL

Sounds like you had a wonderful day.
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Congratulations, Shaun! What a beautiful present - a new grandson. He almost was a Christmas baby. I am very certain he's gorgeous. Maybe later you'll share a picture.

As for George, he is absolutely magnificent. Seeing that precious face cheered me up, and I can't thank you enough. Um, isn't he rather large for his age though? Too bad about the cell phone, but he does look apologetic!
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Merry Christmas, George.

And Trucker and Mrs., Congrats on that new grandbaby.
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George is just gorgeous!(and huge!) He looks like he's saying 'Cellphone?What cellphone.I never saw/ate one?!' I know that look all too well-LOL

Congratulations on being a Grandad!I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
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(((Trucker))) congrats on the new grandson!!

George is GORGEOUS, and he looks absolutely innocent of eating any cellphone

Hugs and prayers!

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Merry Christmas Trucker!
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Merry Christmas Trucker, and grats on the baby!!!!!!!!
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What wonderful news Trucker. Congratulations on the grand baby and what an absolutely gorgeous puppy. You are truly blessed. Merry Christmas.
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Congrats and Merry Christmas, Trucker!
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Happy Christmas and congratulations!
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Nothing to say but BEAUTIFUL! what a great message and dog. I love mine!!!!!
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awwweeeeeeeee! im delighted for you trucker.great news...congrats.i wouldnt speak to george either if he ate my cell phone,,,well maybe only for a little while,,how can you not love him.glad you had a nice day,we got our friend gerald over (hes still here lol) and he brought his guitar so we were having a sing song in the kitchen last night,and then we watched the movie "days of wine and roses" lovely food too.all in all a great christmas.thank you for sharing a little of yours with us my friend.
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I keep coming back here, just to look at George. Even if he ate my blackberry, which I LOVE BTW, I don't think I could be mad at him for more than a minute...just look at thaf FACE!

Hugs and prayers!

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Great photo - congrats on the new arrival Trucker
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congrats gramps

and that new kid gets to grow up with a sober gramps,

how awesome is that!
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