Newbie and feeling the fear

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hi guys,
is there a december thread started? usually a thread starts for newcomers each month, i'll see if i can find link and post. it is a great way to start, daily support
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Here's the Class of December thread that Anono was referring to:

Shame is a huge part of addiction, but I hope you don't let it stop you from recovering. Guilt can keep you involved in the cycle of addiction, so I hope you can feel positive and know that you can do this!
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thanks anna, i am not very computer savvy !
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Thanks 51anna and anono for the link.

I'm really worried about New Years Eve - making the journey with others here on SR makes me feel better though

I'll check out the link
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You won't be alone worrying about NYE Lores - keep checking in - group support is crucial I think

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Lores hi

Glad you are getting the support you need here....
I am worried about new years eve too... so have put things in place to help... this is the time for me to start preparing...
I am working so that will help me... but if i wasnt i would try and hang with sober friends or even just get numbers of sober friends who wouldnt mind me calling...
I am sure quite afew people will also be here on SR... this si a hard time for everyone in one sense or another... please rememebr though
You are not alone in this
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Originally Posted by lagirl310 View Post
Hi Lores,

There are a couple of us newbies here who have kind of latched on to each for support in taking this journey together. I myself am on day six. It hasn't really been that hard for me yet because I don't think I was physically addicted. However, I am VERY concerned about how I'm going to feel three months from now because I had become so emotionally dependent. Right now it all feels like a challenge and a wonderful journey. But I tend to get bored with things easily and I fear I will grow tired of being happy. Does that make sense? I specialize in self-sabotage.

Anyway, after being here for almost a week I can tell you that when newbies come on (including myself) I sense panic, chaos, fear, desperation, volatility, self loathing, self sabotage and defeat. Yet when the long-timers come on and speak I sense their peace, joy, contentment, relief, safety, serenity and a deep self-love. And all I can say is, I want to be like them.

Good luck and I'm happy to be taking this journey with you. May we all come out on the other side.
Took the words out of my mouth - considering same day together, it makes sense huh lagirl!

Good luck and stay here and post, no one will judge what you say etc just keep posting!
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