First Meeting

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First Meeting


I am off to my first meeting tonight. I have made the decision to go, whether I go inside is going to be another thing.

Its weird, for some reason I want to go and see if I can relate, identify, find similarities but on the other hand, something else tells me I dont need this, im not an alcoholic etc.

Its all soo new and I am just frightened by the unknown.

I have been to a meeting before - I was at an open meeting to support my ex partner so know exactly what goes on. I identfied then but was convinced by my then partner that I am not an alcoholic so am confused and unsure.

I figure by going, I may find out either way...

Wish me luck
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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You know it will be a room with people who can
assist you in exploring sobriety.

Same thing we do here. What not to like?

Everyone is nervous at first...that's to be expected.
I wish you all the best life offers.
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everything is already ok
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meetings for me are simply part of recovery and part of life, mostly I listen and meet friends, talk to people after and go do something else then.

As Carol says, enjoy
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Good for you, let us know what got nothing to lose except your misery;-)
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Red face

I think your on to something. WELCOME.

There is something about alcoholism that always make you think you don't have it and that I can control my drinking. I have heard it called a "built in forgeter"
That was the case until I accepted what "The Doctors Opinion" the introducory chapter to the big book outlined.

NOw that question has been answered permantently for me.

I hope if you are powerless over alcohol or anything else that you can find your solution.
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awesome lionheart, hope you find some peace there x
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Well, thank you for posting replies

I went in, people introduced themselves to me, explained what happened. I listened, and I mean, really listened.

I was so anxious and nervous I almost forgot to listen at some stages but hearing others speak of their past and also because this was a beginners meeting, they spoke about feelings, not picking up the first drink, experiences and life being sober. I heard things that rang loud and clear and believe the only thing stopping me now is being about to surrender.

Ive done alot of therapy over the years for various things but managed to keep all of this out of it so have learnt coping mechanisms for all sorts of situations. I can recognise behaviours in me but am fantastic at telling myself that I am ok.

What I really need now, is to be able to stand up and admit to myself who I am.

What I do know, is that I can never drink again. I know I have a very supportive partner and that today is all I need to worry about...and that feels pretty good.

Day 2 - sober

Day 2 - scared and sober

Day 2 - scared and sober and excited

What will Day 3 bring?

Thanks for listening
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I'm glad it went well LH - good for you

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keep coming back! Well done!
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