This Is For Us Newcomers

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Talking This Is For Us Newcomers

I have well I forget September 8th 2009 so what is that? almost 4 months so yeah...

Newcomers what a bummer

Well that didn't work

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How did you do it?
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Originally Posted by minute View Post
How did you do it?
How did I do it? Stay sober? Well...

The first thing that I had to do, was to get away from all those people that I used to associate with. Notice, I didn't say drink with! I had to Change all of the people that I used to be with to people that were on a journey that I wanted to be on. That is my first and foremost thing that I had to do. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with those people, some of those people are now sober today also, yet I do not and I probably shouldn't hang with them even today. Why? Cause together, since we did associate ourselves together, it would probably, more than likely put me back into active Addiction and I don't want to go there.

I put myself back into Out-Patient Treatment. I knew I had a problem, I could NOT NOT STOP! I was hopeless, helpless, and yep I was pretty much homeless. I had used up all my resources. I was without anything. I had a car, that wasn't mine, I had my dog Chance, whom I still have today..(although he scared me yesterday again by running off), and I was living and sleeping in rest areas. My mind thought that the FEDS were out to get me. Well that could be true, LOL but I don't obsess with the thought today, nor am I scared enough to be running away.

I started going to meetings again. I still haven't talked a whole lot at meetings, cause I really don't have a lot to offer. I am there to be taught on how to live without having to escape. I am learning, but it is really hard.

I read the Big Book of AA

I don't drink or use today...even though some days my mind will tell me that it wasn't really that bad! LMAO how much worse could it get? DEAD! And that is where I will be if I go back.

I talk to someone, somehow everyday. Just like now, this is part of my recovery. Although I don't come here at SR as much as I used to. This place gave me the opportunity and the Gift of Recovery!

So there are a lot of things in which I do and have to do today.

Praying? LOL I have been so against God, that I finally had to surrender to God. IMO everyone really believes that there is something bigger than ourselves. But that is only my opinion.

So my friend Minute! We together can do this. Me alone can not.

Thanks for allowing me to share.
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Anyway to fix that video so it shows up here? I have tried the tube url tags and they don't seem to work or I am doing something wrong.
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congrats on four months...

Now, go help somebody!!!
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Good to see you man! Good to see you back at actively treating your addiction.

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Very glad to see you Vic!! Great job on almost 4 mos. You are well on your way! We all have seen you do it before and we are seeing you do it again!!
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good to see you back Vic

'grats on the 4 months
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Chance: congrats on coming up on "4" big months!!
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Hello All,

It's been just a week and I haven't had any set-backs just what every newbee says; nausea, fatigue, headaches, slight fever, and a general malayze feeling. Like everyone I guess I just want normalcy back. One good thing is I exercise regularly so that has bolstered positive feedback. I guess after drinking over the last 10 yrs takes time for the body to adjust. I initially tried just easing off the last 6 month from 6-8 drinks a day to 2-4 but I decided that is just a temporary solution and decided to just stop completely. I do appreciate all the encouragement, advice, and support on this website. Much praise is deserved for those who have been through it and offer there support.

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Glad to see you're still on the right track Vic!! Congrats on the 4 months.

You can have some of the best conversations in the world with a dog!!! Take care.
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everything is already ok
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Great to see you around the boards ((((((((Vic)))))))))) and thanks for sharing your message, thats the way we do it, helping each other.
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SOOOO glad to see you back and congratulations on 4 months!!!

Loved the youtube

Hugs and prayers!

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Originally Posted by JR123 View Post
Hello All,
One good thing is I exercise regularly so that has bolstered positive feedback.

Thanks JR and yeah one things that I've done and committed to even with my health issues, is to make sure that I walk at least a mile a day. In February of this coming year, the Doctor only gave me a year to live. Well I'm still alive.

The walking part I have contributed to giving Praise to God.

Also Chance whom I still consider to almost God if Not.. also gets to go on these walks with me. And for him to be so happy, smiling when we are walking, wagging his fluffy tail, gives me the peace that I so much need after getting into my head.

That for me is where early recovery can damage me if I stay alone. I have to have contact, even if it is just by the Internet, to keep out of head.

Grateful to be here for just another day.
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Anyone Else Have A Complex Problem?

Yeah my Complex problem right now is my insecurity, feeling like I don't belong where I go. I believe these thoughts are very true.

I've been around SR now for many years, yet today, I feel as a outcast and it isn't anything to do with SR! It happens wherever I am. So this is a feeling that keeps me very insecure, unstable, emotional wreck, etc.

I might be sober yes...But these thoughts that I have are very fearful and very frightening. They almost make me want to just die. Something I used to think about using has now turned into all the time thinking.

I believe in my heart that my last relapse has really messed up my mind. I fear this with all of my heart. I pray everyday...I read and write everyday, I go to meetings everyday, I contact another alke, addict, codie, etc everyday. I try to live by the principles in which we are directed in...but no matter what I have done, these feelings and insecurity don't leave. It scares me to think that my thoughts are reality...

Anyone else have issues like this in early recovery?
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