I'm gonna do it...

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I'm gonna do it...

Hi All,
I'm gonna do it....I'm going to an AA meeting tonight. Thanks to the wonderful man in my life that said "no excuses, I'm going with you".
Yes, I'm getting out of my comfort zone and jumping in.
I hope I like I like it better than the first one I went to when I got out of rehab in June.
I better get my tissues ready....
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Can you make a committment to 90 meetings in 90 days? That would be an amazing thing!!!

Congrats. Enjoy.
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Good for you. And especially good to see the support from "The man in your life". I remember my first few meetings. Here is hoping you find a good member who you can talk to.
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Take a whole box of tissues if you need to Sherie. It's not for everyone, it's not guaranteed to work, all I know is that it's helped me and many other people. Try to have an open mind, listen for the similarities rather than the differences.

I hope your experience is a positive one, please let us know how it goes.
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Lets take it one step at a time....I'm not commiting to 90 meetings in 90 days yet.
But of course, we'll have to see.
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Hope you enjoy the meeting, Sherie! Good for you!!
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That's great news--Sherie! Let us know later how the meeting went.
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Hi Sherie. Just keep an open mind and most importantly remember why you're there. You ain't there for eating too many Mars bars!

It will be easy to find 100 ways in which it ain't for you and that all that all the people there are all crazy God talking religious nuts. Well some maybe but not all. Each to their own and when I stopped making excuses to why it just ain't right for me to be sitting in a church with most people 25+ years older than me on a Friday night and decided that I might just embrace it and put any prejudices aside and remember why I'm there then it started working for me.

All the best. x
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I am glad that you are seeking support for yourself.

I hope you continue to read and post here.
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Let us know how you went, Sherie

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awesome for you Sherie, hope your meeting is a positive one also. I know mine was so I just decided i'd keep going back and truly grateful i did.

many blessings your way
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Can you make it to the meeting Sherie? Aren't you getting snow dumped on you? LOL! Talked to my dad. Small world we live in. I look forward to hearing about your outcome from the meeting.
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