What works?

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What works?

I know there are lots of dirrent forms of recovery present on here, and I was just curious about people with long term sobriety that don't do a 12 step program. Are yall out there?
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Well I certainly don't have "long" term recovery - yet, but I use SR. Its worked for me, but everyone has to find their own niche. Alot use AA successfully and there are other forms of face to face, but SR is my recovery program.
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What is sr? Sober recovery? I was under the impression that this is more of a support network than a recovery program, but I'm new and clearly not "in the know". What does the sr program entail?
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Jim, in the beginning I was never a fan of the 12 Steps, I thought they were ridiculous. Now I absolutely encourage them. I use the things I learned when I went through the steps in my daily life.

I know there are some that don't.........but had to put my 2 cents in.
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As I said, many have had success through AA.

As far SR (Sober Recovery) is this forum and its available 24-7. I post, I read, I message friends here and I receive the help I have needed. On a personal level I read many, many books that help me understand things. Its worked for "me." It may or may not for someone else. Thanks for asking.
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SR is more of a support network than a program Jim, think what Horsie means is that she doesn't use anything else, I'm the same, been a regular poster on here for 18 months or so and sober for that time.
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Thanks Fizz and that's exactly what I mean. Sorry I wasn't more clear about it.
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Here is a listing of some of the recovery programs out there.

You'll find this 'sticky' at the top of the page on the Alcoholism forum

Welcome to SR!
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Thanks for the link. I know there are alternatives out there, but I was curious to see if people actually achieve long term sobriety(5+) years in them.
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Hi Jim,

WelcomeI have been sober for more than 9 years and I don't use AA. In the beginning I turned to books to help give me direction, and then I found SR and I have been here for years. It's my lifeline.
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I find (like others too) that reading a lot about alcoholism helps me.

Also, thinking of others first before myself. I had to train myself to do this, but I'm much happier as a result -- and this helps me stay sober.
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For me AA works. Im not saying it's the only path to sobriety. Fellowship is the most improtant aspect in my opinion. Whether you get that here or at AA is up to you.
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Nearly 3 years here Jim.
I'll send you a PM at 5 years LOL

I drank so much for so long that SR alone has been useful enough for me
I love this place.
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Hi Jim.

AA is working for me. I'm 20 days sober now and have found inspiration, hope and also a lot of laughter in the rooms of AA.

I'm asking for guidance each day to stay calm and be honest and kind to myself.

wishing you a safe journey.
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There are a lot of paths to sobriety. AA works for some, RR, SMART, and other programs work for others. Sticking with an online community can be highly beneficial and even vital! I've taken a CBT/REBT approach backed up with a lot of AA experience. I don't care for the AA program but I have a lot of friends there for support.
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AA is the most effective program out there, but it certainly doesn't have a monopoly on sobriety. I've been in AA for years but recognize that it doesn't work for everyone. You need to realize that recovery involves two things. The first is physical sobriety, ie. total abstinence from alcohol. This is not too difficult, actually. But to stay sober you need some program where you attain emotional sobriety, and if you're looking for something other than AA, be sure that emotional sobriety is part of the package. It's the emotional (psyhchological) sobriety that will lead you to a happy, productive life without alcohol.
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