Not Fair

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Unhappy Not Fair

..My beautiful sister in law,Cathy,just before christmas,has been
diagnosed with beast cancer..
She is a lovely,fun loving woman (49) and i can only express my
deep sorrow..I guess the usual medical procedures will follow..

..please join me if you can with wishes and prayers...OZboy
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I am sorry to hear this Oz.

I am sure she will appreciate your support and love during this difficult time.
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You're right, it's not fair at all. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. (((hugs)))
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(((Oz and Cathy)))

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Dearest Oz, Prayers going up for Cathy & your whole family. (I have 2 friends who had it and there was a happy ending for both of them.) I'll be thinking of you Oz.
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Definitely will say prayers for your sister Oz. Sorry to hear of this, but there is hope. Hugs- Sarah
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Prayers for Cathy, and for you too Oz... Take care, both of y'all.

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Hugs and prayers for you, ((Cathy)) and the rest of your family. You're's not fair, but there have been a lot of medical advances and I'm praying for a good outcome.

Hugs and prayers!

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Prayers for healing going out to Cathy

Mega to you Oz
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I am sorry Oz. I am sending lots and lots of good thoughts your way.
I hope she has caught it in time. She is lucky to have you.
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I'm sorry, OZboy. If it's any consolation, my step mum and aunt have both survived breast cancer. Treatments are improving every day. Both you and Cathy are in my thoughts.
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..I wish it was that say to her that all will be fine..

..anyway..we have our own problems...

..but thanx for your concern...oz is still gonna be concerned..

..that's me,and you too!!!
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Oz you have the prayers for all parties concerned, my sons mother in law is a survivor of breast cancer as well, I pray your sisters out come is as good as hers.
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Sorry to hear the sad news Oz. All good prayers and wishes for you and Cathy. God Bless.
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prayers out ozy!

and we can say not fair all we like,

just that God knows whats fair.

now that doesn't mean it cant blow!

people are put in our lifes for reasons,

and taken for reasons...

i, and many others know first hand for sure...

blessings out too ozy!
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To be concerned, and even afraid when someone we love is taken ill and hurting

is human, Oz. We feel so powerless.

But, we can have faith!

I surely will pray now for Cathy and family, and for you too.

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Been there Oz.......4 years ago. It is a scary and dark time but she WILL get thru it. Do you know what stage she is in? PM me if you want any info. (((hugs)))
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Red face

To all,many thankyous.

..i will convey your kind messages,luv ozy
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Ozy my friend, I will keep Cathy and you in my prayers. Please keep the faith, I know its hard right now, but stay strong.
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