December 14, 2009-Wisdom of the Rooms

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December 14, 2009-Wisdom of the Rooms

"God's message to me is 'stay out of the way, but be ready!'"

This quote made no sense to me for many years. I mean, in the beginning the whole concept of "turn it over" and "surrender" was as foreign to me as speaking another language. I fought every step of the way to control every aspect of my life and was sure I could do it, too. As I worked the steps, though, I was confronted with the unmanageability and wreckage of my life, and I finally admitted that perhaps I didn't have all the answers.

As I began to surrender to the program, I felt like I was getting a lot of mixed messages. On the one hand I was told to, "let go and let God," yet then I was told to "suit up and show up." Which is it? I wondered. When do I need to use my will versus when do I turn it all over? This was all very confusing to me for a long time.

Over the years I've finally learned the difference. Today I know that it's my job to prepare to take the next indicated action to the best of my ability and to remain willing. The results, the actions and reactions of others, and many other things, however, are all in God's hands. Today I understand God's message to me is 'stay out of the way, but be ready.'

And by continuing to work the program one day at a time, I am.
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Thank you Bee
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