NA Drinks for the Holidays. Got One - Post One

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NA Drinks for the Holidays. Got One - Post One

My Fav:

2/3 Cranberry Juice
1/3 Club Soda
Slice or 2 of squeezed lemon
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Thanks for posting that recipe - sounds great
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A few weeks ago I went to get something to eat at the restaurant in the hotel I was staying at. It was really crowded so the only seat available was at the bar, and I already hate eating by myself so I don't mind doing that once in a while. I didn't want any caffiene so ordered a club soda with cranberry. The drink comes and it is the pink-est thing I've ever seen, and the guy sitting next to me drinking a beer kinda gives me a funny look. Then a waitress walks by and asks me what I'm drinking, because it "looked really good." Well, it was really good but I felt like the last thing I wanted to do was call attention to what I was drinking -fail!
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Here is a link for a website that has some pretty good non-alcoholic recipes.

Non-alcoholic recipes: 700+ appetizing drink recipes.

my favorite is just a plain old apple spritzer
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Apple cider. Club soda w a twist of any fresh citrus garnish. Hot chocolate.
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I really like La Croix berry flavored carbonated water with a slice of lime.
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