How long will this last??

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Unhappy How long will this last??

This is day 2 that I have been sober from using mostly ritalin/dexedrine, but using a lot of different types of illegal/prescription drugs. I am trying my hardest to stay clean til I can get into a treatment center, hopefully even this week (though it will be so hard to not have xmas with my family ) I am soooo tired, foggy, sad, irritable, I can't think properly, it's like my head is filled with so many thoughts at once in my head, I just get this urge to plug my ears to make it stop but I can't because it's in my head. I feel weak and unmotivated, I feel like complete sh&t. I was under the impression that most stimulants (that is mostly what I use) didn't have much of a withdrawal. I know I shouldn't even complain considering I am lucky to not deal with opiate withdrawal etc but this is hard to stay clean while I feel this way. This is mostly the reason I abuse these things, to NOT feel crappy like this. Please pray I get into treatment asap. It would be much easier to deal with these feelings if I were somewhere safe and away from all the chaos here.
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If you're using a lot of different drugs, you may be withdrawing from several things Rockets.

Have you seen a Dr? I really suggest it's a good idea.

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..hang in there..lots of water and call for help,if need
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I haven't seen a doctor yet, I'm not sure exactly how to admit my addiction to him yet... I started taking my anti-anxiety medication (an SSRI) again, and I think that is helping. I think I will feel better today, I am right now so far. I sent my NA friend a message also. Hopefully today I will get rehab all set up, so I can at least rest about that. It stresses me out with everything up in the air. Thanks
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I think that early recovery and withdrawls can be an overwhelming time. For me, the first few days, involved just putting one foot in front of the other and doing some basic things around the house. That was all I could manage.

Good luck with your rehab.
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Withdrawal from stimulants is not dangerous, but heck yes, you miss them when they are gone, at least for a while...

I remember being sooooo tired for a while, bone tired....

It gets better Rockets, it really does...

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Not all better, getting better
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I really urge you to see a doctor about this. You are messing with the chemical ballance in your brain. If you are embarassed to see your personal doctor, find a new one, preferably with an addiction speciality, and be straight with him about everything. Going on and off of SSRI's can cause big withdrawals also. Please talk to a doctor. If you are in school, go to the med ceter, but it's important to have someone who knows what they are doing to help you.
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Rockets, for now just take it one day, one hour or even one minute at a time to stay clean.

I like the others would strongly suggest seeing a doctor and coming clean, one thing you will always need to be aware of when seeing a doctor in the future for the rest of your life is the importance before any doctor writes you a script is you tell them you are a recovering addict. This allows the doctor to prescribe you something that is not likely to lead to a relapse.

One other thing is start going to NA meetings or AA for some face to face support, withdrawals are hard enough, why go through them alone when you can have folks who have been through them to help you along the way.
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