Off to Church...

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Off to Church...

I'm taking the kids to Saturday evening mass. Other than a few times I was forced or went due to a guilt trip put on me by my mom, I haven't been to church in years. On those occasions that I did go, I got nothing out of it because I didn't want to be there. I'm on day three of my sobriety and doing well. I really feel like I need something in my life that is stronger than me. That's hard for me because I used to think there wasn't anything in my life that I couldn't handle myself. How untrue that turned out to be. Alcoholism kicked my butt. So, we'll see if church helps me. Have a good and sober Saturday night, everyone.
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I'm glad you're doing well!
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I feel more at home in church lately than I used to. Maybe I too just have to believe in something bigger than myself. I just know I can't 'be' myself all by myself. I need a higher power. It's hard for me to admit that feeling of powerlessness, but also a relief that I can 'turn it over' to someone bigger and more able than me.

(((hugs))) Good job on three days! The worst of the w/d should be done and every day you'll feel better.
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Its time for bed
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I go every Sunday... its the other Big Book
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Good for you M! Hope it was a joyful and meaningful visit. I like Saturday evening church.
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I hope your Mass brings you peace.

Congratulations on your sober time!
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Hey everybody...mass went pretty well. I think I will go back again. It was a little hard to listen to everything that was said because I had the kids with me, but I'm still glad I went. As always, thank you for the are the kindest group of people I have "met" and I'm glad I found this site.
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I'm glad to hear that mass was a positive experience.

I tried church in early recovery but it just didn't work for me. But that's just my experience. I walked away and found my home in AA for a few years, it felt right to be there.

Recently I went back to that church. I've grown in my recovery and faith, it feels good and right to be back there, so I guess I came full circle and finally arrived back at home. I'm really excited about getting involved in recovery and service work there, it's like a new beginning.
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