insomnia,hypnic jerks and restless leg

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insomnia,hypnic jerks and restless leg

Hello I have not used hydrocodone in 10 days and haven't slept more than a couple of hours a night. I don't have upset stomach and my energy is back but I cannot sleep. How do any of you get through something like this. I have tried nyquil tylenol pm and benadryl. Not all at once. I am not interested in taking anymore meds I want everything out of my body. Any suggestions?
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I understand that I had a hard time sleeping everytime I quit and it's fleeting at best I would end up taking a benzo bad idea,this time I just waited it out about 30 days or so.I know it's hard but it's the only way
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I'm sorry I dislike sleeping and I've never used hydro
please see if this link is useful for you

Insomnia? 42 Simple Tips to Help You Get to Sleep - Insomnia treatment, cures
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chamomile tea...makes me so sleepy

good job!! I have no energy and going on day almost 50..without tramadol. whatever u do dont let no one tell u its not addictive. I went from getting off hydros like 10 to 13 a day which was hell to tramadol thinking hey good drug. well no way. I hate it... for sleep talk to your doctor about seroquel or something like that.... they give that to me. it helps with restless legs least it seems to. heating pads and hot baths hmmm thats all thats helped me. great job on how many days!!! my husband has been making me a glass of chamile tea and i love it. and by the time i finish the glass i am sleepy..

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