3 months today!!!

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thanks to everyone for the kudos.

and for any newcomer....i was you 3 months ago and it was not easy at first. it downright SUCKED. physically and then mentally. and when i saw folks that had a month or 2 months or 3 i wanted to be them.

but you just build it up one single day at a time. and before you know it you have 90+ under your belt.

my doctor who knows everything about my drinking asked me 'how are you doing with your drinking'.....he knows my struggles. when i told him i had 3 months under my belt he was pleased.

they called me back the next day and said everything looked great and to see him next year. i asked them to fax me the numbers. i'm no doctor but i knew i could google anything i didn't understand.

i really wanted to see my liver numbers. both of them were in great shape. and the reason i was concerned was the day i quit my liver was hard and painful. i had abused it that much. but it's all good now.

i honestly could not have done it without s.r. early on when i was really hurting i would read the support from the people on here and it really helped me.

someone had posted some very good material on the physical changes that take place when we quit and that really helped me to see that everything doesn't bounce back the first or second week off alcohol.

i'm kind of fortunate that my spouse doesn't drink and my job or social life doesn't put me in tempting situations. i don't know how some of the folks on here that have that working against them can stay strong. those are the folks that i really give props to.
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3 months is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Awesome job!!! Best to you on your continued journey.
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Looking For Myself...Sober
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David - Great post. I am a Sept. 8 "baby" too - I've been using this site ever since to stay blissfully sober. I haven't posted more than a couple of times, but felt a real common bond with your story, even beyond the anniversary date. This board has been at times a lifeline, a cheerleader, a vivid reminder of what I've left behind, a vision of what the future can be if I stay on track, and a daily reminder I'm not alone.

As you said to any newcomers - this can be you. A day can dawn when alcohol does not have any significance in your day to day life - and every event and non event that you feared would not be the same without alcohol, well, it won't be the same. It will be better, and more satisfying, and you'll have clearer recall of these times and more vivid memories to savor, and no regrets for things said or done under the influence.
Congrats on your 3 months ... I can tell you are as in love with your new sober life as I am with mine. Isn't it great?

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yes it is debbie....thanks for 'coming out of the closet' as another sep. 8th i knew there was more than me and endzoner. i don't post very often either but this site has truly been a lifeline to me as well.

there are so many things that i find remarkable as a sober person but they don't qualify as monumental things.

today at lunch i had 10 buffalo wings from a r.r. named zaxby's. when i was drinking i wouldn't have thought of trying to eat wings for lunch. they were wonderful. i did fight the post lunch fatigue a bit but that is normal for anyone.

what i didn't fight was a stomach that was in no shape to accept food. i eat breakfast now.

when i was drinking i could not eat breakfast and lunch was very iffy. maybe some soup and bread. by quitting time my body would have recovered and i would be ready to drink again. the early morning promises of never again after vomitting water would change to the afternoon dreams of i can't wait for that first burning hit of vodka.

i honestly don't have those urges at all now. these are simple things....eating who thinks of that with wonder??? i do now. it's a small blessing but still a blessing nonetheless.

thanks for telling me your story....i now have you and endzoner that i don't want to let down. haha. i know we do it for ourselves and that is the truth. but it never hurts to have other people to stay right for.

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Sounds like you are on your way, David. Way to go!!!
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Congratulations, David! My date is September 13...I think my last drunk occurred on the same weekend as yours, it just lasted longer. Three months feels great, doesn't it?
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