Class of December 09

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I would like to join. My first day of sobriety was December 9, 2009.
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you guys are doing great!

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I am class in the class of December, 2008, and what a great month December turned out to be for getting sober!! Your classes looks every bit as promising as mine, class of December kicks butt!!
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Hi everyone, warmest welcome to all my fellow newbies! I look forward to getting to know you all.
Day 4 for me, I think I'm through the rough detox stuff... felt pretty great today, still a little irritable; but nothing compared to yesterday.
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perpetual optimist
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Here I am in yet another class........seems like I have been in a few......but realistically, I quit yesterday so I am technically a new December pupil.......
I made it thru the first 24 hours.....not fun, but hoping that awful part is over with.....I know a few of you already, guess I am not the only one who continues to struggle. Hugs.

Bowed out on a really great Christmas party tonight........another slated for tomorrow.....but that will only be day 2 and not sure it would be a good idea.........this time of year comes with pressure, doesn't it?
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Originally Posted by Stayinfree View Post
Hi everyone...may I join too? 3 today and so far it hasn't been the hell I thought it was going to be. Night times are the worst for me though so I won't say too much too soon.

I have 3 large dogs I live with and are my life.....cuddles and slobber everyday are much needed and fill my soul daily with love.

Hope you are all managing to get the support you need to help you today.

Much love and healing vibes to you all

Starting day 12 today and feeling really good. No thoughts of drinking at all. I like living sober and want to stay that way. It makes things much simpler for me!

I have two small dogs who are my life too. Doggie kisses and tail-wagging give me strength to go on when life seems bleak. I'm thankful for my dogs every day. Don't know what I'd do without them.
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Im putting my hand up here - Day 1!

Here I go - thanks for posting here, it has helped!
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Day 14 here and feeling better than I have in weeks. Yay for the Class of December 09!
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Yay Least,

It is good to see you feeling better.

Quick check -in, we have been SOOOOOOOO busy. It is almost crazy. Next year I will limit holiday activities to a maximum of two/day.

I am starting to stressout about being with my inlaws on Christmas eve. They are not kind to each other and they are openly hostile toward me. My husband and I are talking and preparing for the visit. Families can be so difficult.

Thanks for listening,

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Hi Guys!

I was doing really well, had 13 days under the ole belt, messed up Saturday night not sure what happened but I am back on track, didnt drink sunday or tonight, 16 days with 1 bad night but I know its really day 2.

Somthing about that 2 week stretch, its happened to me before, this time I am not going on a bender I am getting right back up.

Keep it up everyone!
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I'd like to join too.

Day 15 and still sober. Lovin' it!

We can do this!
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Hi everyone!

Somethingbetter- we are all here with you. There are ups ....... there are downs. You are not alone.

Healthyme - welcome and great to have you here.

I am back to not sleeping, the holidays have me stressed.

4ever and least where are you?

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I am right here on day fifteen! Feeling strong and determined to stay sober. I've had so many relapses but I keep trying again. I feel so much better sober. Someone here once said "I've never woken up and said 'Gee, I wish I'd drank last night'". That's so true. Any time I've drank I've always woken up and regretted drinking. Waking up sober means no more regrets. I can live with that.

Welcome to the class of December 09, HealthyMe!
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Hey all,

May I join too? I had four months until I relapsed for two days. I am on day 12 and struggling with the fact I have to start over in the steps, whether I want to be in AA at all, and I am worrying about Christmas with relatives (drinkers) coming to my house for four days.

I also very disgusted with myself for relapsing. It was not worth it or fun.
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Aaaaaaahhhh! Every time I try to post I lose the server... but here goes another

Welcome everyone!
Congrats on 15 days Least, hope you're enjoying the snowfall as much as I am

Day 8 here, it's been a quiet last few days spent cleaning and purging my house in prep for the holiday. De- cluttering feels good- and symbolic.

I'm worried about christmas eve w/ my family, not looking forward to being around drinking. The good news is I have an aunt (another former wino like me) who's been sober for over 3 months, so I'll have someone to look to.
One way I'm preparing to deal w/ the holiday is to change my 'usual' as much as I can. We live a couple of hours away from my family and usually stay there for a few day; but this year I'm driving up and home again on the same day... less exposure.

I'm also really trying not to stress- just to look at it like it's any other day.

You all will be in my thoughts over the next few days.
WE CAN DO THIS Hugs, Sarah
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hi all! hope all is happy in soberland
im doing good, house sitting on my own till christmas...have already been on my own for 2 days & amazingly enough i havnt twaddled of to the bottle store...must be dong something right

have a good christmas ya'll! will jump back on here after christmas.
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Here is sending you positive thoughts
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It sounds like you have a really good plan in place by sticking with your aunt, and by cutting down the time spent with your family. I think it's so important in early recovery, to make careful choices about situations like that.


I'm glad that you're back and I hope your Christmas goes well.
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Thanks for the welcomes!

It's very inspiring to everyone working towards a common goal.

Day 16. Started having my first drinking thoughts. I was at a restaurant and saw many things that triggered temptation. Need to get that voice out of my head. I love waking up clear-headed. I love sleeping better at night. I don't need to sacrifice everything just to escape for a few hours. My family deserves better.
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Hey guys, how is everyone today??
I'm about 75% sure that I've decided not to make the 4+ hour round trip to go have dinner w/ the extended family tonight. They're calling for rain turning to ice, and I just don't feel like making that trip w/ my four year old. I also don't feel like being around drinking. The choice is making me feel guilty, but I think my sobriety and I are safer at home this year.
Day 10 here, actually in the double digits now, heck yeah!
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