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I was not sure where to go to introduce myself and say hi.I'm sorry.My name is suzanne.I'd love to come and talk recovery with you all.I need people to talk too.I've isolated alot recently.I went through a divorce a few years ago after a long marriage.We have children from older kids to younger kids.My mother had alzheimers and she recently died of lymphoma.I was there with her when she died in the room.It's been very sad for me and scared me.I've been in recovery for a awhile now.My sobriety date is 11-2-90.This is the first time in a long time I felt like drinking was at my moms funeral 2 months ago.But I do know there is nothing I have to drink over.I know it is not going to help me handle things or my feelings any better.God does work in mysterious ways and is good to me.Someone else in recovery was there for me at her funeral.I do need people to talk to in recovery.I do isolate alot when I'm going through troubles.I know I should not do that.I'm am very glad to meet you all.
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Hi Suzanne

I'm so sorry for your loss, and your troubles.
I know you'll find a lot of love and support here

Welcome to SR
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Suzanne, that is fabulous - 19 yrs., even after all you've been through! You are so right - drinking doesn't give us the shelter we're seeking when times are tough. It only masks our true feelings & just makes things harder to cope with in the long run. I wish it hadn't taken me so long to realize that.

This is a wonderful place filled with some of the best people I've met in my life. I've become wiser and happier in the 2+ years I've checked in here every day. I hope you find it to be helpful and enjoyable too. We're looking forward to hearing more about you.
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Welcome to SR Suzanne - my condolances for your loss, I know what you're going through. You have found a great place here, there's always someone around to share with or chat
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Hi Suzanne, and welcome..

I am sorry for your loss....
You have surely had your plate full...and I agree, God does move in mysterious my recovery, I was supported literally every step of the way and
my faith deepened in a very profound way...

Congratulations on 19 years of sobriety!

I am glad you have found us; SR is a blessed place for us all...
Good for you for staying strong in your recovery when things were their toughest
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i've done my almost
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Hello and welcome.

This is a great support group and I bet we can learn alot from someone with as much sobriety as you.

Thanks for joining!
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Hi Suzanne,

I'm new to SR as well, although still in my first month of sobriety. Congrats on the 19+ years.
I can definitely relate to the reclusive tendencies--especially when things aren't going well. Hoping that sharing here may balance things out.
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I am glad that you have reached out and found us.

It sounds like you've gone through a lot recently and I hope you can find some peace in your life.
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Thank you.You all seem so nice.I need that.I hope I can find some peace in my life too.I'm sure really ready for it.LOL.I've just been real sad.But I'm ok.During and after my divorce I was just angry.There is more power in anger.I'm pretty much getting over that.I'm just not real good at all at dealing with depression.I don't know how to handle that.The lessons are getting much harder in life.I'm not as strong as God thinks I am.But it is like the poem footprints.He is carrying me now.I'll be ok with God helping me.Thank you for wecoming me and being nice to me.

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Welcome to SR....

I too was there when my Mother left
to be received by God.
Years later....I often wear her rings or the scent
she used to honor her memory.

Glad you found us...

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welcome to sr.........and keep posting.
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welcome to SR
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Hello SMC and welcome to the family of SR .. as youve already see thu the replys theres wonderful people here in this site ,
Im sorry for you loss, I know that word has been said many a times but we truly are sorry .
You mentioned your lonly and Isolate yourself an lokin for people to talk to , We have a chat room on SR .. come on in and join use . We talk bout all sorts of things from Soberity in the sober lounge, to what we had for dinner in the open chat room . Do stop in and introduce yourself . We would love to hear from you . Congarts on 19 yrs thats fantastic . and ill add I want that !!! have a super sober sunday ~ huggles Endzy~
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Hi Suzanne: I am new to this site also, even though I am not new to recovery. AA member since 96. This is an awesome site. Everyone here has been so welcoming and supportive. It will be nice getting to know you.
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Welcome to SR! I'm glad you found us and joined the family. Congrats on your sober time. I'm sorry also for the trouble you've been going thru but am happy for you that you didn't drink over it.
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