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i was clean for 2days now. I took my extra money and bought a real christmas tree. I stoped by my family to say HI. come hom to find a note and a mess. Your tree fell over! Im 27 this was my first real tree. I its my fault their is a mess. I cant do nuthing right. "I quit, I give up. Nothings good enough for anybody". A beer and a smoke. Then maybe ill sleep. Tommorow will........... I hope so
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Overtime - One day at a time. Tomorrow is a new day. Messes can be cleaned up.

I'm sure your tree will look great again soon.
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" seems"
Well, Overtime, you're now a part of our circle of friends, so keep comin' round.

Congrats on the clean time, keep it up. There will be times that are stressful and things will happen that will make you want to drink/use, but you can do things right - like coming here and talking about it. Each day that you don't use will help you to build confidence in yourself and your ability to do things right, or to do the right thing.
Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and then do the same to your christmas tree! You'll both be ok.
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Hi Overtime,
like others have said, you can always clean a mess up - pick the tree up, and get back to it tomorrow

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Hi and Welcome Overtime!
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Hmmm....what are the words to that song??

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.

I felt like a mess when I came into recovery, but I cleaned up pretty well with a plan and some support.

I agree, pick that tree back up and put the ornaments back on. Today's a new day.
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Wow that little voice in your head woke up quickly when the tree fell over didn't it?
Listen to the others on here and not to that little voice. We get manipulated so easily in the early days, heck we have to be careful after years I should think. When you have some time under your belt and you feel better (yes you will), think about the tree and Get the vacuum out, pick up the needles and enjoy your effort with your first tree. Place a star or an angel with your name on it on top. Your are worth it. Keep strong and keep going.
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Lots of great info here; no worries, it is only a tree. One day at a time or one minute at a time if that is what it takes.

Keep posting and reading. I am glad you are here!

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It's easy to get defeated in the beginning. Easy to fall back on the old ways of coping with things. I was the same way. It is not true that you can't do anything right. You came here, and you're trying to help yourself to have a better life. Keep going! You can do this thing.
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