Past Withdrawal...

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Past Withdrawal...

I'm happy to report that my withdrawal was short lived and not severe. After joining this community I realized I should have seen a doctor first. I would not attempt that again without medical supervision, that's for sure, although I am set on never needing to face that again.

I suffered insomnia, nightmares, extreme discomfort, indigestion, fever, and basically felt like i'd been hit by a truck - but the worst of it was over after 48 hours. Now I'm feeling more energetic & clear headed.

During that time, however, I had no urge to drink. I think I felt so awful, knowing alcohol was the cause made the thought of drinking repulsive to me. But now... I'm worried I'm going to start craving it again. And the holidays will probably not be the easiest time of year to avoid it. Anyone else concerned about how to handle the holidays? I haven't told my family, except my husband, what's been going on. So I know they'll start wondering why I went from complete LUSH to non-drinker...

I think I'm lucky though. I think I hit my rock bottom before a lot of people do. Now that my head is clearer and I'm not in such denial, I can look back and see just how messed up my behavior really was. I'm ashamed but also proud of myself for seeing it and stopping.

Glad to have a place to talk about this.
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You don't owe anyone explanations of why you're not drinking. Just say you're working on improving your health. It's nobody's business. I'm glad your withdrawals didn't last too long. Having to go thru that again is helping me a lot to stay sober! I never want to do that again.

When the cravings hit again, and they probably will, you might want to have a list of reasons to stay sober, and you can read it if you feel tempted. Do something to take your mind off the craving, it will pass.

Sobriety rocks! Well, not all the time, but it sure beats drinking!
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For me it was a very personal decision. I had disappointed people in the past, so I decided to just do it. Let people see from your actions that you are changing. And, I don't feel obligated to give anyone an explanation, other than 'No thanks'.
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Hi FleurdeLis,

Congratulations on your choice to live sober. I agree with the other posters here, you don't owe anyone any explanations.

You can be proud of what you have done and the goals that you are working towards. You don't have to go out of your way to tell everyone (at Holiday events) your trials and tribulations, but be proud. Be willing to tell the important people in your life what you have accomplished. It's okay to tell people, "I don't drink anymore." Maybe even add, "and please don't tempt me." Then move on to talk about other subjects and things that are going on in their lives.

I was a very heavy drinker (sober for over 4 years now). Some people at parties - that I haven't seen for a while - are surprised to see that I am not drunk. I just say that I don't drink. I don't discuss my recovery or preach. I'm there to enjoy a party. It is my choice to leave when I want or to walk away from those that I don't want to talk to, if they're too drunk.

I normally ask for a seltzer with a twist of lemon or coffee. Then I have something in my hand and most don't ask, "Do you need a drink?" If they keep pushing, I simply say, "sorry, can't, I'm the designated driver tonight" and I start talking about something else.

I hope your Holidays are healthy, happy, fun and completely drama free - now that you are sober.
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Those are all great ideas. Especially the list idea, thank you Least.
And thanks for the encouragement from all of you on not needing to explain myself. This is going to be an interesting Christmas for me!
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