Early Recovery Part III: The Final Battle

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Early Recovery Part III: The Final Battle

So, in my 10 years of active addiction, this is my third go at recovery.
I just gotta make it work. This has to work this time. "God, grant me the serenity ..."

Did a few things differently. Went to Detox and Rehab (Total of 28 days). Normally I just do detox, get well again after 5 days, and go right back out.

I've decided not to work or go to school for maybe another year.

I'm currently fully into recovery, so I think. Making meetings daily (missed a few this week ),rarely did meetings before.
Meeting a lot of interesting people and building relationships with them. I've even been asked to be a reader at someone's anniversary.

going to a day program for my mental illness,

and attending a outpatient drug rehab program. Pretty busy during the week with all of this.

Just a quick, fun little questionaire to get this thread moving and look at how others did it?

1) How many compliments do you give a day?
2) How many compliments do you receive a day?
3) What was worse, detox, or rehab?
4) Did you ever ride the Pink Cloud?
5) Has it gotten better?

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Welcome back Cleansing

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1 So from September 2008-February 2009 I made 6 months clean, but it was the worst time of my life. I came out the psych ward in September, overmedicated. I was your typical psych ward patient. Drooling all the time, unable to eat a full meal, shaking, and couldn't to sit still for more than 20 minutes. Took me like 3 hours to sleep everynight because it felt so uncomfortable no matter what psotion. Not a pleasurable sobriety phase. I was deeply depressed, but too medicated to harm myself or others. I often wished I was dead, and wanted to cry all the time if I weren't so numb.

2 Second go led me to 3 months clean, but it still wasn't 100 percent, because I was on Valium, and taking extra here and there. I don't think you're considered dirty if you're taking Benzos, but I found myself looking forward to the time scheduled for each dose, and that was the highpoint of my day. And like I said, I was abusing them.

3 Now, on round 3, I'm finally making meetings daily (except this past week, preparing for Thanksgiving made me miss a few, though that's no real excuse), doing programs, and on thereaputic values of my meds.

P.S. When I asked about rehab/detox, I didn't mean that they were bad options, I just wanted to know what ticked you off about them. Could be small or big. Rehab has saved my life, so far.
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Good for you cleansing. Sounds like your on the right track. Keep it up.
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1&2) Ive never thought to count!
3) Never went to either
4) might still be
5) immensely

welcome back
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